Kissing Distractions Goodbye And Holding Your Peace

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Kissing Distractions Goodbye And Holding Your Peace

Isn’t it an amazing feeling when you can find yourself in the zone? When you are focused on the most important aspects of life. You have never been more focused on growing your business and you are seeing the fruit of your labor. Nothing could be more perfect. You are satisfied with your role in making positive things happen.

Now, as your “been there and done that” interior design business coach, I know that nothing stays the same forever.

Then something shifts. Before you know it, you are stressed out again. There are a million things swirling all around you and what once felt solid and secure in your progress, feels like it is all being tossed to and fro.

What you have failed to realize is that maybe, just maybe, you have allowed some distractions to come in. No self-condemnation here. It happens to all of us.

Allow me to share with you how to identify distractions and kiss them goodbye before they steal away your peace!

What is emotionally important to you?

I know it is impossible to NEVER battle with negative feelings, but these feelings can be a huge distraction. Think about the things that are most important to you right now. The places where you are regularly putting your attention and waiting for good things to grow.

How do you want to keep feeling about those things?

For example, in working with my clients I want to feel inspired and know that I’m doing everything I can to coach them to success and profitability. I want to coach my clients with the wisdom I have gained over the years as a business and sales professional.

When I first started coaching, I decided to take a course on being a better coach. I paid A LOT of money for it, but the advice just didn’t work for me. I felt boxed in when it came to structuring my coaching business, so I decided to take my own path, a path that worked for me.

It is more important to me to coach my clients from my own experience than it is to load up on expensive training and lose the natural way I connect with my clients.

If what is emotionally important to you gets shifted from an outside source, that can be a distraction! When you feel like you’re being led astray from what is important to you emotionally, it’s time to evaluate if that is healthy for your long term success.

Does it contradict your goals or values? Kissing distractions goodbye and holding your peace

When you have a strong stance on your goals and values, it is a lot easier to see when those things are being challenged or swayed. Distractions from your goals dilute and even destroy the potency of what you are doing.

So, you can ask “Is what is happening going to make this goal stronger? Or, is it going to water it down?”

Is it a good idea or a great idea?

When your success becomes more visible it opens up more opportunities! Not only that, but the synergy of positive things happening can generate more ideas! That is wonderful!

However, good ideas can be the enemy of great ideas. You cannot do everything. So, if you already have a great idea in the mix and it’s working, don’t dilute that greatness with a good idea!

Save the good ideas for when you run out of great ideas!  Doesn’t this make sense?

Who is getting on your nerves?

This is huge! People who get on your nerves have the greatest power to distract you. It wears you down. You can only focus on what they have said and done. All of your thoughts become tied up in how you feel about them and how you would like to give them a piece of your mind!

All of this is a distraction from what is important to you for your personal life and business. I know when I am in this zone, it’s hard to receive thoughts that are beneficial for my business, like solutions to problems!

I lose the inspiration and creativity to run things at my highest level!

Sometimes, you just have to put some distance between the people who perpetually get on your nerves. It takes away a lot more from you than you are ready for!

So, how do you deal with distractions? How can you tell your attention is starting to veer off into something that will downplay your effectiveness? Please, share your thoughts and strategies!

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