Marketing Your Interior Design Services To Real Estate Agents

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Marketing Your Interior Design Services To Real Estate Agents

Some Real Estate agents can be disconnected from the world of interior design. So, “staging” homes may not be something they are too skilled in! With your honed in skills, you will be able to constructively and creatively stage the home or commercial unit in a way that makes the property stand out way more than it ever could.

Why Real Estate Agents need you

Having been an interior design business coach for a while now, I know that real estate agents need YOU! As you know, staging a property correctly can help it look more appealing, inviting, spacious and sellable. Realistic staging is great for potential buyers, they can see more tangibly how to decorate and better use that space.

So, really “staging” is an amped up form of marketing for the real estate agent and this is why YOU as an interior decorator are really needed.

Decide your easiest in

That could vary from interior designer to interior designer. When you think about your local surroundings, what do you think would be a good avenue to start with? Should you start with residential, model home developers or commercial projects? You might have to try all options first, to figure out which option works best for where you live and what is most available.

When you have decided what your way in is (to work with Real Estate agents), make a list of the ones you want to reach out to and make an appointment to pitch your services.

Reigning in your thoughts before you meet up

It can be a daunting and nerve-wracking time to present yourself and your services in a new arena. What helps me is to think “I can best sell my services, by selling my desire to assist and support at the highest level of all my skills”. Yes, have your sales pitch down, but from a heart that wants to give greater solutions for increasing their profit margins. That will help to take the pressure off!

Before you go…Marketing your Interior Design services to real estate agents.

Tweak Your Portfolio:

Make sure that your best work is most prominent. Be sure to have work that reflects what you would be able to do for the real estate agents. Prepare by being able to give details and shed light on your processes. So that the agent(s) can have a grid for your skills, ect.

Update Your Social Media Platforms

Take some time to be sure that your social media platforms are what you desire them to be. We all know that people who may hire us will go check us out on social media platforms, as further confirmation of who we said we were! Make sure things are up to par and highlighting your most up to date work. It is always worth it to make sure all these platforms are in alignment with what you are trying to portray in real life.

Go Over Your Sales Pitch

If you feel like your sales pitch is a little rusty or needs to be tweaked for the type of meeting you’re going to have, take time to tweak and practice. Let it be as natural as it always is and “sell” your desire to be the solution to helping real estate agents sell more properties.

Learn About the Real Estate Agent’s Business

Study up on the Real Estate agents and the types of properties they sell. This will be helpful to you, to really understand if you will really be able to support them in staging properties. This also gives them confidence that YOU know what you are doing and understand what their potential needs might be.

I believe this is a route that could provide you with many ongoing opportunities and help you to build long term relationships for greater business expansion. It could also give you the opportunity to move into a new niche, that brings you more business. If you have only tried residential, why not try commercial? The sky’s the limit.

If you have had experience working with Real Estate Agents and expanding your business that way, please share your tips and advice below!

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  1. some of my best referrals come from r.e. agents. In addition to staging for sale, let them know what you can do to redesign for a potential buyer if the seller does not want to stage, paint etc. I have shown them before and after pictures so they can show clients the transformation. I have also provided a free welcome basket for them to give to their clients at closing. I add some of my logo items, a gift certificate or two from a local merchant, perhaps a kitchen item like a decorative cork screw, etc. and a g/c for a one hour consultation with me. This is tied up with cellophane and a big bow and the realtor can present to the client at the closing without any cost to them!. Similar to the old Welcome Wagon I ask them to call me a few days ahead so we can make up the basket. My total investment is about $25 to $35 per basket. My ROI has been incredible .

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