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The Interior Designer's Ultimate Pricing Tool

Never Be Underpaid Again &
Price Your Projects With Confidence!

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This is the Single Most Important Tool You Will Use in Your Interior Design Business!

An Efficient System That Allows You to Streamline Your Proposal Process and Price With Confidence and Accuracy
Never Be Underpaid Again!

Helps You...

Calculate Pricing for ANY Design Project

Price Complex, Multi-Step Jobs Accurately

Determine your Profit Goals from the Start

Maximize your Earning Potential

Get Crystal Clear
on your Numbers

From residential virtual design projects to new builds
The KEY™ will work for YOU!

 Getting started is easy with a step-by-step video training and examples of each project type so you can take advantage of the pricing tool immediately.  

First, choose your favorite platform: Google Sheets, Excel, or Numbers.

Next, input your desired hourly rate, estimated hours by room, and sales tax.

Then, use the Good, Better, Best Guide to add your furnishings investment.

You can customize the Good, Better, Best Investment Guide with your branding colors, logos, images, and your own intro letter and then provide it to your clients. A room-by-room investment guide helps you set your client's pricing expectations from the start and confidently prepare your project estimate.

Does the Math for You!

You Also Get Four Client Proposal Templates!

  • Templates align perfectly with The KEY™ Pricing Tool  
  • 1 color-coordinated template for each project type, including Décor/Virtual Design Only, Full-Service Decorating, Remodels, New Builds
  • Modify templates with your own logo, images, and branding colors  
  • Create consistency across your client proposals while maintaining the ability to customize each one with your own flair  
  • Maximize your time by streamlining your client proposal process OR delegate your proposal process to other staff with total confidence

These resources alone will transform your pricing and proposal process...
But There is More!

also includes two of Nancy's most popular resources: The Job Profitability Analyzer AND The Markup + Margin Map!

Figure out if it’s time to celebrate!

Gina Hacken

Gina Lauren Interiors

I’m like, really? Like it’s so… it just takes every question out of you.

You don’t have to question your pricing, it just does it all for you. It is genius!  

Amy TerMarsch

Amy Elizabeth Designs

Profitable Interior Designer Amy TerMarsch

I just listened to the entire KEY™ video and this is brilliant and so user friendly Until now I honestly have racked my brain trying to figure out how in the world I could get the remodel numbers to clients before beginning. So helpful! Thank you so much! 

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Value: $797

The KEY™
Pricing Tool

Value: $297

4 Client Proposal Templates

Value: $79

Job Profitability Analyzer

Value: $97

60 Minute Video Training

Value: $97

Good, Better, Best Investment Guide

Value: $79

Markup and Margin Map

If you are ready to...

Is Your Answer!

The KEY™ to Charging Your Worth is Only a Click Away!

Still undecided? Want additional information? Check out our FAQ's:

Q: How soon can I access The KEY™?   

Immediately! Upon payment confirmation, you will receive an email with a link and your initial login and password (usually 15 minutes or less!). If you don’t see it in your inbox, be sure to check your spam and junk folders to make sure it isn’t hiding in there. 

Q: Can I use The KEY™ without Excel? 

Yes, The KEY™ can be used with Google Sheets, Excel for PC, and Numbers for Mac. 


Q: Who do I contact with issues related to The KEY™? 

You can contact Team Nancy at with any questions about The KEY™. 


Q: Is The KEY™ specific to the US market, or can I use it in any country? 

The KEY™ and materials are specific to the US market, however, you can edit the Pricing Tool to work with different currencies. 


Q: Can I use The KEY™ if I use a flat fee or a hybrid pricing model? 

While you can use The KEY™ with a flat fee, a hybrid pricing model is Nancy’s recommended pricing method to maximize profitability and ensure you’re well-compensated for your time and expertise. 


Q: Can I use The KEY™ if I want to charge by square footage? 

Experience has shown that charging based on square footage alone rarely results in the profitability that you can get by charging based on estimated project hours. However, you have the ability to retroactively analyze your estimate based on square footage (because it’s always good to know your numbers). 


Q: Can I use The KEY™ if I don’t know how long certain tasks take, or if I HATE tracking my hours? 

Yes! The KEY™ is pre-loaded with some standard hourly benchmarks that you can use to estimate how long things will take you at various stages of the design process and throughout different parts of the project. As you start tracking your hours (as you really should), you will modify based on your own REAL hours. 


Q: Can I use The KEY™ more than once? 

Yes! Once you purchase The KEY™ you can use it for as many projects as you need by saving new copies to your computer. 


Q: How can I get further support for my interior design business? 

Please go to to find further support resources or to sign up to speak 1:1 with Nancy. 

About Nancy

Nancy favors a hands-on approach with her clients. She provides more personal access to her clients with the Business Help Line than any other around. When you engage with Team Nancy you get so much more than a coach, you get a partner.

Her proven program has helped thousands of Interior Designers realize their vision for their business. She has assembled a vast community of designers just like you, all of whom share their wins and losses with you in the Interior Design Business Forum Facebook group. You will never be “stuck” with no one to turn to for advice or to answer your questions.

She delights in rolling her sleeves up and helping her interior design clients tackle the tough challenges in life AND work, transforming them into happier, healthier, more focused professionals. “life changing”, “passionate”, and “simply amazing”, are running themes in her testimonials.