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We live in the era of information overload! Especially, when it comes to running any type of business. There are so many courses. So many eBooks and blogs. So many webinars. Trying to sort through what to implement can end up being paralyzing.

So, let’s take a step back from the information overload and employ 5 practical steps to keep business flowing in.

1. Relay Your Value

Your interior design business is nothing without your clients, right? There should be a great appreciation that they have decided to use your services. So, express your gratitude through your words. Encourage the business relationship by expressing how much you enjoy working with them. Keep extending great customer service and premium work. Surprise clients with little extra things never discussed in the contract.

This wins loyal hearts to you and your interior design or interior decorating business. Also, “word of mouth” is very powerful. If your clients are having this kind of experience, of course they will promote you to friends and family.

2. Have a Valuable Entry Point

From the first consultation to setting up contract dues, setup valuable cost entry points where you are not selling yourself short. Valuable entry points also says to clients (or potential clients) that they are getting a solid interior designer who will provide a high value service.

3. Be Authentic5 must do’s designers need to keep business growing. Your interior design or interior decorating business needs clients for business growth and these 5 designer business strategy tips will help.

In this day in age, being authentic works in your favor big time! More and more people are turned off by overly commercialized personas. They long for something real. In dealing with clients, be authentic. Be your genuine, original, and the best version of yourself that your interior design clients will love and appreciate.

4. Position Yourself as an Expert

Interior Design and Interior Decorating services are not cheap, as you are all aware of. Still there are a lot of choices of who to use in your field. So, how do you stand out in the crowd? Become an expert. Write an eBook and distribute it throughout a variety of social media channels. Do you have a new podcast? Have a few different influencers share it with their online communities. Have your blog posts go viral by submitting them to article directories and sharing them far & wide.

When potential clients search your name or the name of your interior design business, you will show up all over the web. Validating you as exactly who you say you are and more!

5. Have Exemplary Service

This doesn’t have to get complicated at all. The first step is to take what you are doing and add more joy to it! People can really feel when you have a joy about serving and helping them. When you have true joy in serving others, you tend to give your best by default.

Then add 2 or 3 extra bonuses that will mean something to the client, that will come as a surprise!

In closing, are there any special services that you give your clients that are “surprises”? How has that helped your business?

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