Why You Should Spring Clean Your Business

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The arrival of spring tends to bring out our inner neat freaks. We purposefully dust, declutter, and deep clean our way to a tidier home and calmer headspace. But have you considered why you should spring clean your business? 

Let’s look at the cleaning tasks that will refocus your goals, purge the unnecessary, relieve the overwhelm, and breathe new life into your brand. Got your feather duster ready? Great, let’s begin.

Dusting the Cobwebs (Reevaluating your goals)  

When was the last time you evaluated your goals? Have you even set goals? Goals are important because they motivate you to move forward.   

Start by asking yourself if your business goals are still attainable and reminding yourself why you set them in the first place. This will ensure you remain successful and profitable. By reevaluating your goals, you can dust the cobwebs from your business to rediscover your purpose.  

Try stepping outside your comfort zone to stimulate ideas that foster growth. You don’t want to be so far off the mark that your goals are unattainable. Instead, make them just uncomfortable enough that you feel the drive.

Deep Cleaning (Streamlining your processes) 

We all get bogged down by low-value tasks. These tasks get shoved onto the back burner, adding to your stress. You might have set that burner to simmer, but it eventually reaches a full boil and demands your attention.  

When you spring clean your business, deep clean! Consider the processes and tasks you can purge through automation or by getting some help. It might even include reevaluating platforms that no longer serve you and your evolving business.   

Ask yourself where you bring the most value and where you are wasting time. Make a plan to find more time to tackle long-overdue tasks that cause stress.

Decluttering (Getting out of overwhelm) 

Your time is valuable and should be managed with the respect it deserves. Decluttering gets you out from under it all, whether it’s a disorganized calendar and time management system, an office overrun with samples, files, and unnecessary items, or a computer and work area disrupting your focus.

It’s simple: 

  • Clear your business of clutter to clear your mind. 
  • Keep an organized calendar and project management system to free up time. 
  • Get your work area and desk in order, and order will follow in everything you do.

Polishing (Making your business shine) 

Every marketing strategy can use polishing now and then. Content creation for your website and social media channels are the most public-facing marketing tools at your disposal.  

The more active you are on social media channels and the more relevant the content you share, your style will resonate with your ideal clients. So, where do you begin? 

  • Show your social media some love with regular posts to reestablish your online presence. 
  • Highlight your work on social media channels to show off your talent. 
  • Share your favorite design items, trends, and ideas on social media to inspire. 
  • Make your blog an invaluable home decorating resource to build your authority. 
  • Tighten up your website to make it easy for clients to work with you using clear CTAs and transparency about your service. 
  • Engage with followers and start conversations with thoughtful questions.


When you spring clean your business, you refocus your goals, get free of the things that bog you down, and clear the way for success and growth. There has never been a better time than right now to transform your business with a good spring cleaning and strategy focused on success.

Need help with any of these? We cover all this in the mastermind-style group coaching program, the Profit Insiders Academy. The next group begins soon – you can apply here for free today!


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