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Respond with Confidence

by Nancy Ganzekaufer


If so, you are not alone! The words you choose can make or break a situation. And the way you use your words (and your body language) can either help or hurt your business relationships.

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Through often humorous anecdotes, Nancy Ganzekaufer helps business leaders avoid common mistakes, and gives tips which improve communication and ultimately help businesses of any size grow and succeed.

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Nancy knows this firsthand. That’s why she has made it her mission over the past decade to discover the secrets of responding to any scenario effectively and with confidence.  

Inside her book, Respond with Confidence: The Business Owner's Blueprint for Handling Difficult Situations, you’ll discover Nancy's proven blueprint for confident communication success as well as… 

  • How to effectively decompress so you can pivot your focus toward resolution, not retaliation!
  • Steps to quickly assess a situation, allowing you to consider other perspectives with clarity and proceed with confidence!
  • How to formulate an effective, success-driven response to achieve the best possible resolution and greater business success!
  • Situational, real-life examples of what to do (and what not to do) to maintain the integrity of your brand!

As an entrepreneur, it is not uncommon to face difficult situations daily. And navigating through bad reviews, negative feedback, hateful coworkers, unruly vendors, and demanding clients can feel overwhelming. Let's be honest, these scenarios have a tendency to awaken a less-than-ideal version of ourselves. Haven't we all been there?

Nancy certainly has. And she knows that learning to effectively handle the situations that come your way can make the difference between a profitable, successful business and one that is stuck, struggling, and failing. If you want to learn her secrets of confidently navigating difficult situations with finesse and success, then grab a copy of her book!