Be A “Designer For A Day” And Revolutionize Your Profit Margin

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Be a "Designer for a Day" and Revolutionize Your Profit Margin ~ Nancy Ganzekaufer, Business Coach & Body Language Trainer

This is not just something that I want you to glance over, but something I want you to take into full consideration. This service option can be offered to potential clients as a real and legit service that can make your Interior Design Business much more profitable! Ponder this, if you had a service where you were a “Designer for a Day”, and booked one client a week for 50 weeks a year, at $1,200 each, that equals $60,000 a year!  Can you believe that?! Now, what if you had two a week? I know you just figured out this is an additional $120,000 a year to your bottom line!

So, I  want you to consider offering “Designer for a Day” as one of your service models in your Ladder of Services for those clients who don’t fit into a full-service design option.

You know the ones I’m talking about. The ones that take you around the mountain(multiple times) of why they just “can’t” or just don’t “need” to hire your full scale, Interior Design services. I’ll break it down a little further! I’ll share with you the types of potential clients who would hire you as a “Designer for a Day”.


Some people just can’t part with their money. Making an investment for full-service design scares them and they just won’t spend on full service as they consider it too “luxury” for their needs!


They just don’t understand “WHY?” your services cost what they do. Perhaps, there is not a full awareness of the process as a whole.  They can’t see all the value of what comes in your full-scale services. Unfortunately, they are unable to perceive that hiring YOU full-scale as an interior designer would make their life so much easier and actually save them time, money, and mistakes!


Maybe they know a painter, contractor, or kitchen specialist, etc!  Or, they have their own resources to buy furniture at discounted prices!  (Don’t you just love that one?) In other words, they are thinking of ways to piece-meal their project together to save a few extra dollars! Not realizing that it could end up being a longer and more expensive project than they think.



As an Interior Design Business Coach, I have definitely experienced incredibly indecisive, potential clients! It is hard not to go into a tail-spin trying to keep up with them in that state! For whatever reason, they can’t make up their minds. Or, they might FEEL they have to run things by a significant other before making a decision!

This is where you whip out your “Designer For A Day” service AND save the day!


Designer for a Day works like this.  You offer the client one day of design advice, 4 – 6 hours. You charge around $1,200 to $1,500 paid in advance. On the scheduled day, you go to their home and really get down to business, hammering out the details of what is desired and needed.

Then you take them shopping (using their credit card) and get the project rolling. You are right by their side, showing them first hand your talent as you help them select all that they need to complete as much of the project as you can in the given hours.   You can take a little lunch break and just have fun continuing to get to know your client.

Finish up whatever shopping needs to be done. Then go back to their home and set things up for the remainder of the time.

While adventuring through this process, the goal is to create the most pleasurable, streamlined, and clear experience for them. By the end of your day, you have a happy client who recognizes how productive the day was, enjoyed the experience, and would consider you for future projects, hopefully, your full-scale service!

This is YOUR time to shine, so, do it up!


I do have one word of caution, that you don’t want to overlook. Just because this is only a “one-day” deal. You need to have a contract for each client and every client for whom you sell your “Designer for a Day” services.  You NEED to cover yourself, and them, even for just a day.

So, I am offering you a specific “Designer For A Day”, a contract template that YOU can tweak according to your particular business and client!  Delivered and done for you. Click here to gain access and start selling this very profitable service today!

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Interior Design Contract templates to help build your ladder of services.

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