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Nancy Ganzekaufer is a sought-after Business Coach, Speaker, Body Language Trainer, and Author. Nancy specializes in coaching service-based entrepreneurs, teaching them to maximize their profitability while identifying and best serving their ideal clients with confidence.

In effect, Nancy becomes your business partner. She helps you develop the most straightforward path to higher scalability, visibility, and profitability through confident decision making, efficient systems development, and effective communication.

Through her proven techniques, Nancy has empowered thousands to know (and charge!) their worth, succeed in sales without feeling sales-y, and position themselves in their market with authenticity and authority. 

Nancy was the first recipient of the Outstanding Leadership Award from the Interior Design Society (IDS) for her 12 years of active participation in national leadership and her local chapter in Long Island, New York.

When Nancy is not coaching her clients, hosting a webinar, speaking at a conference, or engaging with her audience in one of her many social media platforms, she is spending quality time with her family, listening to music, hiking, playing pickleball with her friends, and traveling as much as she can.

  • Creating Your Road Map to Success  
  • How to Win at Selling Yourself  
  • How Your Non-Verbal Brand Can Affect Your Sales Success 
  • Create Ladder of Services Options in Order to Make More Money  
Beth Clark, President IDS Portland

"I can’t say enough good things about Nancy! She spoke at a conference for the IDS Portland chapter and attendees are still raving about what she talked about. Not only did she share tools and strategies everyone could use to build their businesses, but she also presented them in a way that we can easily take action and implement what we learned.

Nancy also connects with everyone on an individual level and understands that our businesses are as unique as each of us. As one designer shared with me afterward, this was the first time she left a conference without thinking she needed to change her way of doing business because it didn’t match what was presented by the speaker. Nancy truly wants to see everyone succeed and because of this, she teaches with a heart to encourage and build up."

Beth Clark, President Interior Design Society Portland

"Nancy is a dynamic speaker with a unique knowledge base. Her approachable nature creates an energetic and engaging atmosphere, leaving her audience feeling empowered and inspired. She is a go-to speaker for our organization!"

Jenny Cano, Executive Director, Interior Design Society 

"I highly recommend having Nancy speak at your next event, you won’t be disappointed. Not only was the topic of the Keynote relevant and on point, but Nancy is an engaging speaker. We only wish we had more time to learn her."

Courtenay Lindsey, President IDS Naples Chapter 

"After more than 300 interviews and counting, I know what makes an excellent podcast guest and Nancy Ganzekaufer hits not one but all four of my favorite qualities. 1) She comes prepared with actionable advice and strategies for her topic. 2) She relates her information in a way that inspires and doesn’t intimidate or overwhelm. 3) She can think on her feet and have fun! & 4) My audience loves her!"

LuAnn Nigara, Author, The Making of A Well-Designed Business