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A 50-Minute Business Strategy Call to make your business powerful, profitable and impressive!

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Group Coaching for Interior Designers

Exclusive group coaching program unlike any other! Through our Profit Insiders Group you will receive the tools and resources to 

  • Get Out of Overwhelm
  • Fast Track Your Business
  • Prioritize your tasks and maximize your time

*Group Coaching for Coaches coming soon*

Tracey Taylor

The Designers Collaborative

Unabashedly confident, articulate and thought-provoking! Engage with Nancy without reservation.

Amy TerMarsch

Amy Elizabeth Designs

This last 6 months has been amazing coaching with Nancy! I am so happy I did's been incredible how much I've learned and how much she's helped me!

Imagine a Business Partner that Could Help YOU be a...

As a Business Coach, I help clients tackle the tough challenges in work and life. My specialty is sales coaching for growing entrepreneurs. Next-level growth happens when you learn to lead your own business and your own life.

You might be seeking a boost in income or simply a boost in confidence as you build the business and life you desire. 

Stepping out of the whirlwind to get that outside perspective, expertise and guidance can help you reframe your fears and focus on a greater vision for you and your business.  You’ve got a lot to deal with – we all do. From clients and sales, to balancing work and life, to guiding your business. You don’t always have time to invest in yourself or your growth.

Let’s get honest, get over the fear and go for what you really want in your business, relationships & life. 

Does getting to the next level feel out of reach? Knowledge, clarity and action are the pieces YOU might be missing.

Alison Solar

Alison Solar Kitchen and Bath Design Coach

Alison Solar K&B Design Coach Testimonial ~ Nancy Ganzekaufer, Business Coach & Body Language Trainer

I think, no I KNOW, that Nancy is the most knowledgeable, dedicated and hard working business person/coach I know. Working with her changed my life. Literally. I discovered my new passion and she helped guide me in the right direction. I am still working on the list we discussed.

Natalia Zamarlik

nz design associates, Inc.

Nancy is a dream to work with, and through her wisdom, she truly helped me improve my business and gave it the running start it needed to flourish as a growing business. She has been a tremendous help in boosting my confidence… I can’t recommend her enough!