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I’m Nancy. As a business coach, I help clients tackle the tough challenges in work and life. My specialty is sales coaching for growing entrepreneurs. Next level growth happens when you learn to lead your own business and your own life.

You might be seeking a boost in income or simply a boost in confidence as you build the business and life you desire. 

Stepping out of the whirlwind to get that outside perspective, expertise and guidance can help you reframe your fears and focus on a greater vision for you and your business.  You’ve got a lot to deal with – we all do. From clients and sales to balancing work and life, to guiding your business. You don’t always have time to invest in yourself or your growth.

Let’s get honest, get over the fears, go for what you really want — in your business, income, relationships & life. 

Getting to the next level might feel out of reach. Knowledge, clarity and action are the pieces your might be missing.

Introductory 50-Minute Strategy Call

  • An in-depth analysis of your current business model – We start by looking at where you are now and then design an actionable game plan that’lll get you to your income goal.
  • A big picture view of how to increase your visibility and attract your ideal client
  • My secrect formula to closing sales with confidence and certainty

The Interior Design Profit Formula

The Interior Design Profit Formula provides everything you need for your journey as an Interior Design Professional – whether you’re at start-up stage or you’re up-leveling.

Taking action that is aligned with who YOU are is not only critical to your business and your bank account but also to your sanity.

Interior Design Group Coaching

Find support and encouragement from Business Coach Nancy and other Interior Design Professionals like you.

It’s al about learning, accountability and support to take your business to the next level. New groups are launched often. Want to be the first to know about new groups? 

What Nancy’s Clients Are Saying…

Interior Designer Testimonials

Blog excerpt: I’m going to introduce you to someone who’s changed my professional understanding of my business goals, opportunities, and clientele in the little more than the year that I’ve known her.

Who is she you may ask and what does she have to do with renderings, design, and quite possibly my even more narrowed specialty of Chief Architect and Home Designer training? My colleague, mentor, and COACH is Nancy Ganzekaufer, Business Coach to Interior Designers.

So here’s the truth, my business wouldn’t be where it is today without Nancy’s guiding hand and accountability.

Prior to hiring Nancy I was charging almost 50% less than what I am now. I’d prided myself on helping my clients and rationalized that their gratitude was an equatable difference in my less than adequate original rate.

Now, my CPA even noticed that my profit had more than doubled what it was a year ago. Not only that, but I’m trusting my instincts more. So in all honestly if you’re an Interior Designer and you’re looking to grow your brand, learn more about yourself, and all-in-all just become more confident as a person, don’t hesitate to hire Nancy. (Click here to read full blog post)

Kelly Fridline Design



Interior Designer Testimonials

Hey Nancy! I could almost cry I am so happy. I know this totally sounds gimmicky but I truly just closed the largest project of my career thus far. I have you and God to thank!

I got together a whole marketing packet even ordered gold paper clips. I knew they had the money to afford me, but they are very frugal people. So, I didn’t know if they would bite the bullet and do it… but they want to hire me for four rooms and their massive entryway. It’s a brand new home probably ($3 million) right on the water in the most affluent area of town.

So many of the points you made have really resonated with me. I’m doing those classes now from you too that have been tremendously helpful. So grateful for you!

Nicki Walworth
Designer/Owner at Juxtaposed Design
Juxtaposed Design

Interior Designer Testimonials

Six months ago I hired Nancy to be my business coach. Truly, one of the best decisions I have ever made. I am so happy with Nancy and her coaching – thank you, Nancy! Nancy has helped me focus, sharpen my decision-making skills and reduce the time it takes for me to make important decisions and commitments. My business expansion plans are well under way and I am working at an accelerated pace to ensure my business has everything it needs to succeed at a new level.

Bonnie Reich
Symmetry Designs, Inc,


Interior Designer Testimonials

So, I’m in my third month with Nancy by my side. Implementing her processes has made all the difference…organization, innovation and confidence!

“Step by Step Through Design Process,” located in her Members Only site, has been a game changer. I personalized it a bit and landed an awesome project because the clients thought it was so uniquely detailed. They felt like they would be well taken care of, which was music to my ears.

Lori Sain Smith
Interior Designer
Daffodilly Design

Interior Designer Testimonials

I just need to tip my hat to Nancy Ganzekaufer once more. Every time I have a meeting with her, I come away with something tangible that I can action straight away and make my business better. Today, I was able to make a clear decision to stop a part of my service which I realized just doesn’t make business sense – not profitable enough, sucking up a ton of my time, causing me unnecessary stress, and preventing me from focusing on and making other parts of my business more profitable (thanks, Nancy!).

Itohan Ellis
Red Orchid Designs
Residential Interior Design

Interior Designer Testimonials

“I highly recommend having Nancy speak at your next event, you won’t be disappointed. Not only was the topic of the Keynote relevant and on point, but Nancy is an engaging speaker.  We only wish we had more time to learn from her.”

Courtenay Lindsey
President of Interior Design Society

Interior Designer Testimonials

Interior Designer Testimonials

I have been working with Nancy for about 6 months. Nancy is a very caring individual that truly want me to succeed. I always feel “recharged” after my sessions with Nancy. She never ceases to amaze me with her energy and more importantly her knowledge on how to promote myself and my business. I would highly recommend having Nancy as your business coach!

Barbara McNally
Interior Designer
Design Views Interiors


Interior Designer Testimonials

Working with Nancy has been the best business decision I have made this past year! Her clear, confident and ‘it-is-what-it-is’ method is fabulous. Nancy is always straight to the point and is a completely no-nonsense teacher. Her D.E.S.I.R.E formula is on point and implementing ideas like the Welcome Packet and the Niche is Rich method of defining ideal clients has helped me tremendously. As I continue to learn from her, I highly recommend Nancy to anyone looking to grow their business and thrive!

Meera Thomas
Interior Designer


Interior Designer Testimonials

Without Nancy’s coaching and support, I wouldn’t have just closed on two new clients, and who fit my target, with cheques in hand, in one week. Because of her, I walked into those client consultations confident and prepared they would be both excited and relieved to be working with me – a genuine expert who could help them with what they were struggling with.

Saree Parry
Interior Designer
Decorating Den



Interior Designer Testimonials

Interior Designer Testimonials

Hi Nancy!

I wanted to send you a quick note to let you know I got that big job we spoke about at our last session (yippee!). I used many of the techniques you coached me on and they really helped me to be more confident and professional.

Thank you for everything you do, I’m so grateful to have you as my coach.

Looking forward to our next session. Have a great week!


Nicole Cole
Interior Designer
Vestige Home


Color Consultant Testimonial

With Nancy’s guidance and encouragement, I have grown to be more assertive. I recognize my abilities and value more readily. I am grateful for how far I’ve come and how far I will go in my bright future. Thank you, very helpful knowing I’m not alone.

Mary Nolte
Color Consultant
Kaleidoscope Color Consulting


Business Coach Testimonial

Giving a shout out to Nancy Ganzekaufer – if you have not scheduled a one-on-one coaching session with Nancy, you are not giving yourself the treatment you deserve. Nancy is incredibly insightful and a terrific listener. I am so happy with the coaching she has provided me. Nancy, You Rock!!

Barbara D’Aquino
Transformation Business Coach


Web Designer for Interior Designers Testimonials

Nancy helped me to find that genuineness…

Yian Quach
Website Designer & Content Consultant 

Web Designer for Interior Designers Testimonials

“…packed with value down to the very minute.”

Nicole Heyemer
Website and Branding Specialist