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When Self-Growth Feels Like Your Enemy

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When Self-Growth Feels Like Your Enemy

To live is to grow, change and develop. Some of you are great at growth and others may fear it because it may cause you some pain or discomfort.

Sometimes, growth feels like an enemy is attacking you, because you are not able to stop its pain or detour it’s force! I know, I have been there plenty of times. Going through the process of growth can feel like you’re being bullied and that there is nothing you can do about it.

The main thing I would tell you (or tell myself), is to be vulnerable to self-growth. Be vulnerable to the process.

How do you do that? So glad that you asked. Let’s begin.

Don’t Be Ashamed To Realize Your Struggle

Self-examination can be a scary thing if you don’t see what you like in yourself. It can sometimes feel like a failure.

There is no need to feel like a failure, because in one way or another everyone is in the same boat. Everyone has something to work on from surface issues to deeper issues – this is the process of life.

What you need to remember is that greater peace comes when you acknowledge where you’re really at and how to conquer the inner struggle.

Be Honest About The Impact of Your Struggle

You really wish that some of your inner woes did not affect your environment or the people around you. It’s just not possible. What you struggle with eventually affects your outer world. Nothing can be fully hidden away from what you struggle with. Your business partnerships, home life, friendships and acquaintances all get impacted one way or another.

When you can grasp how things really affect the environment around you, it gets your attention on a deeper level. That should motivate you to change, because you really do have the power to change yourself around and shift everything for the better. Self-growth becomes more attractive when you see how much you have at stake.

When self-growth feels like your enemy remember it’s an area of personal growth being challenged.

Get Advice on How to Change

So, you’ve identified a struggle or two that might be hampering your life! However, you have no idea how to go about changing those habits or struggles. I have definitely been there myself. Ask the advice of a friend. Speak to a counselor. Get on a hotline and talk to somebody. If you don’t have the answer, someone else will. The tools you need for empowered change could just be a phone call away.

Make Changes One at a Time

There are certain seasons in life where you realize “Man, I really have some personal stretching to do”. It’s enough when you have just one area of personal growth being challenged. What if you have more than one? It may be overwhelming thinking about how you need to grow in multiple ways.

Let me encourage you. Life is a marathon. It is not a race. So, you can pace your progress for long-term success.

Just pick one thing you feel like you can tackle right now. The one that is most easy for you. It will give you the momentum to deal with the other ones that might be a little more challenging.

Ask for Encouragement

If you have some good people in your life, you know that you can ask them for encouragement. And share how you are trying to grow in a certain way. Ask for their support. Ask for their accountability. Ask for their encouragement. When you feel encouraged it’s a much easier process than if you didn’t.

Letting your “enemy” be your teacher can be a great avenue that helps you become the best version of yourself.

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