The Perfect Pitch – Your Voice Matters!

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The Perfect Pitch - Your Voice Matters!

Your voice matters!

Remember the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off?  When the economics teacher calls attendance?  “Bueller … Bueller … Bueller”.

Everyone has had at least one terribly boring teacher!

Please don’t ever let that be you!  I can assure you that a monotone, boring voice will not be remembered.

If I start giving a presentation in a blah voice with no enthusiasm, how many people would make it to the end?  Not you, right?

Whether people listen to us, all starts with my and with your voice!

For example, I remember my 8th grade social studies teacher, Mrs. Bonacelli.  She did not just teach history, but her love of history.  Her voice was slightly raised, her tone varied – it was as if she was discovering the facts for the first time with us.  She shared her enthusiasm with the class and for that one year – and really for only that year – I loved history.

For some, a bubbly personality comes naturally.  But if being a verbally enthused speaker doesn’t come naturally, start practicing.  It’s important and here’s why.

Speaking with energy and enthusiasm:

  1. Attracts people’s interest – people will be naturally drawn to your energy
  2. Shows in your body language – you’ll be more animated which spreads to the other person. The vibe is catching – like a yawn, when you yawn, they yawn so it makes sense that people will often meet your enthusiasm with their own enthusiasm!
  3. Perfect Pitch also makes you more likable. I know you’re likable now, but studies show people are even more attracted to enthusiastic people.
  4. Your tone and pitch add to your confidence which then draws up the potential clients confidence in you! People believe enthusiastic people get the job done and accomplish more.

All these benefits just from getting off the verbal mono train!

Here are a few tips & tricks that I employ on a regular basis  

Find the ones that work for you and make sure you plan them into your day prior to a sales call, in person or on the phone! These suggestions will help boost both your visual and verbal energy!

     1. Exercise! Just for a minute before you speak.  Dance, jumping jacks, a brisk walk – any aerobic movement will get oxygen to your brain.

    2. Deep Breaths. At least THREE!  Calm your thoughts, focus your message!

    3. Do a MindPT session on your mobile device. If you are not familiar with Mind Power Technology, please read up on it. It’s an amazing new technology that by-passes your thinking brain and forces a sort of meditation.  It does this by having you look at positive, happy, and energetic images and flashing uplifting messages!  In only 3 minutes, it actually changes your body’s chemistry!   

     4. Do a Power Pose! – Google, Amy Cuddy’s TED Talk.  Her video on How Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are has been viewed over 36 million times.  It’s as simple as standing tall with your arms on your hips, like Wonder Woman, for two minutes.  Just for two minutes before you speak and you will radiate more confidence! Go watch her video.

5. And here’s one of my favorite ways to boost my energy – Sing along with your favorite song! Instant happiness boost.  I personally like “It’s raining men!”  LOL…but don’t tell anyone.  Halleluyah!!

But I digress….let me keep going! The perfect pitch your voice matters.

6. Super simple. Grab a few swigs of H2O.  Water both hydrates and reduces fatigue, keeping your energy up.

7. Chat with positive, happy people – and catch their vibe! Call your coach, call your sister, call your girlfriend.  Call someone who is really supportive of you!!  We all need a confidence boost from time to time.  Let them know you’re calling for a confidence boost!  Let them know you need them right up front so they won’t let you down.

And here’s a fun one …

     8. Act – As if you’re being interviewed on a top television show and we want what you’re selling! My sister uses this “acting” technique to get through exercise!  It’s so funny.  While she is on the treadmill, she pretends she’s an actress in a movie!  Smiles and pretends to love running … because paparazzi are snapping pictures of her and she’s going to show up on TMZ!  So, act like you are on a reality TV show and smile, be enthusiastic, and be enjoyable to the audience (who in the case of sales….will be a potential client!)

The bottom line is your voice does, 100% matter! 

Even if you’ve been running your business for 10, 20 years or more, I want to hear your passion, your enthusiasm in your voice.

Yes, you’ve explained your service a thousand times, but it’s MY first time hearing it.  I want to be captured, I want to turn the page, I want to find what more you have to offer!

As a potential customer, listening to you, I want you to be fantastic and I want to hear it in your confident, enthusiastic voice.

Remember…Confidence is a Brand that Sells ™!

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