When Losing is Winning

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As entrepreneurs, I know we’re programmed to win, win, win! Although I understand this mindset, there’s one point a lot of designers miss – there are times when losing IS winning. 

I know that thought goes against every fiber of your being. I get it, but I’m not talking about losing the game. I’m talking about losing bad habits to empower yourself to become more successful. 

Bad habits hold you back. If you can lose habits that don’t serve you and your business, you will thrive, and you will win! 

Lose your perfectionism 

Perfectionism is one of the primary habits that hold you back. The “if you want a job done right, do it yourself” mentality is a classic sign you lack trust in others. This self-destructive attitude keeps you from focusing on your core talents. As a result, you never leave the less important tasks to others, and your business suffers. 

When you judge others too harshly, you can’t build relationships. And those connections allow you to take advantage of the beneficial support others can offer who have complementary talents to your own. 

However, when you extend grace to others and (most of all) yourself, you can drop those perfectionist behaviors that hold you back. Lose your perfectionist mindset, and you win! 

Lose your imposter syndrome 

Imposter syndrome is a symptom of low self-esteem. It makes you feel as if still need to earn the right to succeed with your own talents. And it gives you the fear that it’s only a matter of time before your clients and everyone around you discover you aren’t good at your job. 

Imposter syndrome eats away at your confidence, so you constantly second-guess yourself. You might even feel you don’t deserve success. As a result, you are afraid to charge what you’re worth. 

But your knowledge and expertise have tremendous value! And when you embrace this fact, the clients worth having will feel your confidence. They will pay what you are worth because your confidence conveys that you’ll get results. When you lose imposter syndrome and recognize your own value, you win! 

Lose your negative self-talk When is losing, winning?

Often, your negative self-talk can bring you down. As long as you are your own worst enemy and harshest critic, you will lack the confidence to succeed. 

I like to tell my clients to imagine they are talking to a friend when talking to themselves. You would never be rude, condescending, or hateful to a friend. Instead, you are kind and use words of compassion. Why do you reserve this positivism for others? You, too, deserve the same kindness and compassion.  

When you become more mindful of your thoughts, you can give yourself credit with positive reinforcement. These positive mantras help drive home the point that you deserve success. When you lose negative self-talk, you embrace success, and you win! 


Losing perfectionism, imposter syndrome, and negative self-talk rids you of self-destructive bad habits and behaviors. When you replace your negative mindset with trust, self-love, and self-kindness, you better serve your business and yourself. And you allow yourself to win! 

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