What Makes You Relatable To Your Clients?

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What Makes You Relatable To Your Clients?

Let me ask you…What makes you relatable?  

Relatable to others?  Relatable to your ideal client?

In this day in age, you might have noticed just like I did, that complaining on Social Media sometimes gets you A LOT of interaction!

Everyone has an opinion.

So, does complaining makes you relatable?

If no other posts do as well or get as much interaction, should you allow your negativity to show?

I don’t think so!

Putting aside the sad fact that venting *on social media* gets people to interact with you, I think to myself, who wants to raise their own stress level by listening to other people’s problems?!

Will it make you relatable?


However, I think it will have the unintended consequence of repelling potential clients, or even worse, attracting the types of clients that you don’t actually want!!

Instead, I suggest you share the life you’ve lived and show it authentically (in a balanced way!).

I truly believe that doing this will attract like minds and bring people you enjoy being around and working with into your life.

So I want you to think, what makes you attractive to prospective clients?

Is it your confidence or your knowledge?

Is it your past life and work, and how you craft your messaging?

Now, write down 3 things you are going to share with your audience on social media this week (no negatives!!).

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