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Urgent! 5 Business Building Blocks Every Interior Designer Needs To Do Weekly

The power of your growth as a person and business depends on the strategic duties you do on a weekly basis. Sometimes, duties that we partake in day after day, feels rather redundant. However, effective redundancy is what builds the momentum for ongoing success. These...

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3 Effective Ways Every Interior Designer Should Be Using To Generate New Clients

As an interior designer wanting to generate new clients you want to be effective and consistent.  Any search online will leave an interior designer feeling confident about getting new clients. There are seemingly so many options and great ideas floating around in...

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Pricing An Interior Designers Services

It’s always every Interior Designers constant battle when it comes to pricing their services. Do you ask yourself?      How do others in my industry price?       What is an hour worth with me?      Am I too low or too high?      How much mark up should I have on...

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