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How to Leverage Pinterest to Support Your Blog Efforts

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How to Leverage Pinterest to support your blog efforts

If I did not know better, I would think Pinterest was created specifically with interior designers in mind. However, self-described as a “visual discovery tool,” it was created to inspire, without a doubt. And I am going to show you how to leverage Pinterest to support your blog efforts.

Statistics show that most Pinterest users are females that use the platform to plan their purchases. Although not specific to interior designers, Pinterest is the ideal platform to find your target audience. Even better, it can serve as a free advertising source to drive clients to your website!

How Pinterest Works with Your Blog 

 Pinterest is the perfect platform to showcase your talents because it is 100% visual. Not quite a website, and not quite a social media platform, it acts as the ultimate visual assistant. 

 To get a little deeper in the weeds here, let me illustrate with an example. 

  • When someone searches “top bedroom colors 2022” the search engines search for images meeting that description. 
  • Next, a series of images – known as “pins”- appear with a brief description and link to the originating website – ideally, yours.
  • Pinterest uses your blogs to inspire content for your pins.
  • When someone conducts a search relevant to your blog content, YOUR pins appear, sending people directly to your website. 

 Small victories, one blog at a time!      

Fine Tuning Blogs Based on Your Results 

Pinterest also helps users fine-tune their search results offering more specific information to choose from. In the case of our search – “top bedroom colors 2022” – some additional suggestions pop up, like…  

  • Primary bedroom
  • Child’s bedroom   
  • Modern bedroom 

As a result, you can search your existing pins and see what other suggestions come up. This provides inspiration for future blogs allowing you to anticipate user needs. The deeper people search, the more specific your related pins become, further validating your expertise.   

 Pins can also be sorted and collected on “boards” allowing you, your followers, and other users to include your work on their own boards. This broadens your reach as your work begins to appear on more and more boards. 

Using Pinterest Boards to Showcase Your Talents 

Pinterest improves your potential for engaging with prospective clients. It is a terrific way to showcase your talents using stunning boards, taking your projects from start to finish. However, boards not only show off your own blogs but also your industry expertise. 

For example, your boards might feature….  

  • One of your blogs
  • Links to exceptional finds relevant to the blog
  • Images from industry articles supporting your blog content
  • Examples of where your unique designs helped spark a trend 

Combining your own blogs and work with supporting industry elements is an excellent way to tell a story and show people you know your stuff. 

Pinterest as a Free Advertising Tool 

You can use Pinterest as a free advertising tool, showing potential clients more about who you are and what you do. Your pins help attract ideal clients to fill your pipeline as they are specific to your services and personal approach to design.  

As a result, your pins help improve the quality of leads, attracting people specifically expressing interest in you. Once they visit your site, your blogs establish a connection between a visitor’s needs and the work you can deliver to their space. All of this without worrying about paid advertisements.   

When you use Pinterest, you can create a domino effect. Your blogs inspire your pins. Pinterest suggestions help inspire deeper more specific blog topics. Your pins generate visits to your website. Users can pin blogs and images from your website to Pinterest, and so on. It is very symbiotic – the more pins you get, the broader your reach and the faster your expertise spreads. 

Embrace This Strategy Today 

If you don’t have a Pinterest account for your Interior Design business, consider getting one soon. If you’re excited to start using Pinterest to its full potential, I have the perfect free tool for you. Click here to download my Pinterest 101 Tutorial and learn the secret of achieving Pinterest success! 

Have more questions? Set up a strategy call and we can discuss how Pinterest or other tools and initiatives can help you grow your business.  

For more industry learning, daily inspirations, lessons, and thoughts, hop into my private FB group, the Interior Design Business Forum 



How Pinterest works with your blog!
Using Pinterest Boards to showcase your design talent!


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