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Your Business In Words – Just the beginning!

Do you go to networking events and find it never benefits your business quite as much as you would like?  When asked what you do, do you know what to say?? Do you just give your title?

I’m a Business Coach.  I’m an Interior Designer. I’m a Photographer.  I’m a Marketing expert. I’m a Manufacturer.  I own a Clothing store or a Restaurant.

Networking events can be overwhelming and intimidating but it is still a great way to market yourself, your product, and services…..if you do it right and practice what to say.

Your opening sentence when asked what you do is key to either killing the conversation or opening it up to being able to share more and get the person really interested and engaged.

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So, how do YOU define Your Business in Words?

If you meet someone and they ask “Hi ……, what do you do? Or in a FB group, “Welcome ……, please introduce yourself”

Are you prepared to be clear, concise, motivating, and appealing? Do you want people to listen to you and ask you more questions? Especially if they are your ideal client (or know someone who maybe).

So, here’s a suggestion to get you started and make you irresistible to chat with.

Combine adjectives that describe your personality with your title and 

This will turn into your first sentence of Your Business in Words!

For example:

Example 1: no-nonsense, focused, motivating / Business Coach.

Example 2: Loving, Patient, Energetic/ Interior Designer.

Example 3: Creative, Dedicated, hard-working/ Online Marketing Specialist.

So let’s turn Your Business in Words into sentences:

Example 1: Hi I’m Nancy. I’m a focused, no-nonsense, highly motivating Women’s Business & Life Coach.

Example 2: Hi I’m Keri. I’m the most Patient, Energetic, Loving, and Hand holding Interior Designer you will ever meet!

Example 3:  I’m a creative, dedicated, and VERY hardworking Online Marketing Specialist!

See how those feel when you read them? Can you feel the energy? Hear the dedication?!!

This approach will 9 times out of 10 get you the reaction of:  “Really?  Tell me more….”

Now you try it!!!

This is your first sentence and then, of course, we have to add more but let’s take it one step at a time.

There are no wrong sentences, it’s a brainstorming process till you have the words that really roll off your tongue and feel like you.

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