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 I often hear that selling a service is more difficult than selling a product but I completely disagree. What do you think?

Selling a service, whether you are a coach, interior designer, hairdresser, marketing guru, writer, virtual assistant etc…… can be easy!

And I’ll tell you why.

Once someone calls you in:

1. You know they have a need, because why else would they be talking to you? And …

2. You know you can help them, because of your training, skill, and experience. So …

3. YOU just have to prove your value.

But HOW can you prove your value unless you KNOW your value?

I have witnessed over and over again in my 30 year career, women who are so insanely talented, know what they want to do for a client,  know what they are capable of doing for a client, are the best person for the job, but they CANNOT find the right words to translate their value during the sales conversation.Tips for selling your design services and closing the deal.

Does this happen to you?

Sometimes business women are great at what they do but they just can’t put the right words together, in the right tone, at the right time.

They don’t have the confidence to close the deal! They get tripped up by client questions or aren’t ready to respond appropriately to client objections.


Here are four quick and easy tips for you to get you started with the sales basics:

Tip 1.    Know your elevator pitch (Your Business in Words). Can you describe your business, in just a few sentences, with enthusiasm and confidence?

Tip 2.    Be a GREAT Listener when you ask them why they called you, but don’t be timid! DO NOT WAIT TO TALK.

Tip 3.    Be a PHENOMENAL Listener when you ask them “why now?”. What made them call you in NOW for this job? – THIS IS KEY KNOWLEDGE TO KNOW

Tip 4.    Present your Ladder of Services in a positive, professional tone of voice, using a client’s name, making eye contact, and staying focused without interruption of your cell phone or any other outside device!

These are just 4 basic tips! Then it’s the actual selling of your services, costs, parameters, and how you deal with and learn from those dreaded objections!!

I want you to know everything you need to NAIL the SALE!

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