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Stop Spinning Your Wheels And Get The Advice You Need

That's What I Am Here For!

I’m a Business Coach, Speaker, Body Language Trainer and Author.  I specialize in coaching service-based entrepreneurs, teaching them to maximize their profitability while identifying and best serving their ideal clients with confidence.

In essence, I become your business partner.

Together we develop a straightforward path to higher scalability, visibility, and profitability through confident decision making, efficient systems development, and effective communication.

I have empowered thousands of entrepreneurs to know (and charge!) their worth, succeed in sales without feeling sales-y, and position themselves in their market with authenticity and authority.

Available on Amazon... 

Respond with Confidence

by Nancy Ganzekaufer


If so, you are not alone! The words you choose can make or break a situation. And the way you use your words (and your body language) can either help or hurt your business relationships.

Respond with Confidence by Nancy Ganzekaufer kindle version
NYC Newswire features Respond with Confidence by Nancy Ganzekaufer
Daily Herald features Respond with Confidence by Nancy Ganzekaufer
FOX 40 features Respond with Confidence by Nancy Ganzekaufer
StarTribune features Respond with Confidence by Nancy Ganzekaufer
Wall Street Select features Respond with Confidence by Nancy Ganzekaufer
Boston Herald features Respond with Confidence by Nancy Ganzekaufer
The Interior Design Business Forum with Nancy Ganzekaufer, Business Coach & Body Language Trainer

Interior Designer Resources

Resources created for Interior Design Industry Professionals looking for support for all things related to business.

Nancy Ganzekaufer is a sought-after Speaker

Speaking & Training

Nancy is a sought-after Speaker, Certified Body Language Trainer, Author and Business Coach. She is an expert in topics like marketing, sales, profitability, and systems for your growing entrepreneurs.

Coach & Consultant Resources from Business Coach Nancy Ganzekaufer

Coach & Consultant Resources

Resources created for Coach & Consultant Professionals looking for to support you in growing your online coaching/consulting service.

Take Charge of Your Business & Life!

Before Working Together, You Might Be…

  • Struggling With How To Grow Your Business To The Next Level 
  • Unsure How To Talk To Or Even Manage Clients
  • Overwhelmed Because You Don’t Know What Next Steps To Take To Become More Profitable
  • Feeling Inefficient With How You’re Spending Your Time
  • Seeking Balance In Your Relationships And Life While Building A Business
  • Feeling A Lack Of Confidence And Focus In The Decisions You Are (Or Aren’t) Making

Receive Special Pricing On An Introductory Business Strategy Call Where Nancy  Reveals Her Simple System For Automatically Attracting, Qualifying, And Closing Clients Every Month With Predictability.

Nail Your Sales Training from Nancy Ganzekaufer

Nail Your Sales

Go for what you really want in work & life! Get more sales, grow your business and get over the fear.

Your Business in Words Free Training from Nancy Ganzekaufer

Your Business in Words

Perfect your elevator speech, and keep potential clients from walking away due to a boring sales pitch!

Feel Confident In Your Decisions, Actions & Communication

We Work Together to Help You...  

  • Get Over The Fear Of Going For What You Want! 
  • Be Unafraid To Make Decisions
  • Accept That It’s Okay To Change Direction And Modify As You Learn New Things
  • Connect And Communicate Better With Others 
  • Spend Your Time More Efficiently
  • Achieve Better Work/Life Balance

Schedule your Business Strategy Call and discover your shortcut to a Powerful, Profitable & Impressive Business that gives you Absolute Time & Money Freedom. 

Sarah Allen's Testimonial ~ Nancy Ganzekaufer, Business Coach & Body Language Trainer

Sarah Allen



I’ve been meeting with Nancy for only a few months and my confidence, business and bank account has grown tremendously. I now have peace of mind, that I have support from a coach when that big project proposal comes along, or I want to introduce a whole new branch to my business. Nancy encourages me to take these big ideas, stay focused and turn them into reality! Needless to say, I highly recommend hiring Nancy as your Business Coach.

LuAnn Nigara Testimonial for Nancy Ganzekaufer

LuAnn Nigara



Nancy Ganzekaufer is one of the most dedicated business coaches I have met. Her enthusiasm for my business and my success is always clear and genuine. What I’ve love most is her ability to help me brainstorm ideas and new ways of both solving problems as well as creating opportunities for growth and profit. In the 3 years I have worked with her, I have come to have the utmost respect for her and am always grateful I have her in my corner as a business coach.

Susan Brandjord's Testimonial ~ Nancy Ganzekaufer, Business Coach & Body Language Trainer

Susan Brandjord



Nancy is always saying that things happen when they are meant to happen. I am so glad that she was meant to happen in my life when she did. The guidance and resources that Nancy provides is immense. I know my numbers better than I ever have before which gives me peace of mind and confidence. I can’t thank Nancy enough for all the guidance and support at one of the lowest times in my life. I am always sharing with others the wonders of Nancy!

Weekend Wine Down

Nancy hosted this Business Facebook Live Show for two years, featuring guest experts in all areas of Business.

Grab a glass of your favorite beverage & join Nancy for casual conversations & amazing guests that focus on a greater vision for you and your business.

Check out one episode here, or click below to view them all!