Are you an Interior Designer Ready to Learn?

"I'm making money, but want to grow to the next level."

"I'm not profitable, yet working so hard."

"I don't know where to start to make things better."

Are you ready to learn? 

Business Coach Nancy Ganzekaufer
Are you a Coach/Consultant Ready for a Change?

You're suffering from imposter syndrome?

You're in a constant state of overwhelm?

You're not cut out to be an entrepreneur & just want to quit?!

Are you ready to change? 

Maximize Your Profitability

Work with Nancy Ganzekaufer

It's time to serve your clients with confidence!

Confidence and next-level growth happen when you learn to lead your own business and your own life.

As a Business and Life Coach, I help entrepreneurs make more money by mastering mindset, sales, attraction marketing, communication, processes, and body language.

Been in business for a couple of years and not where you want to be? Recently started an interior design business?

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Been in business for several years but feeling overwhelmed? Need work/life balance? Want to take your business to the next level?

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Business Coach Nancy Ganzekaufer
What others are saying about Business Coach Nancy Ganzekaufer
Successful Interior Designer Beth Forer

Beth Forer

Beth Forer Design

Sometimes all it takes is a nudge in the right direction for things to improve dramatically. That’s what Nancy is so good at – nudging her clients towards confidence, giving them the tools to achieve whatever they set their mind to accomplishing. With a mind-boggling amount of information and reference materials, she knows what her students need and knows how to present the information in the clearest way possible. And her joyfulness and cheerful demeanor makes the experience working with her all that much more enjoyable. 

Profitable Interior Designer Veronica Pluta

Veronica Pluta

VP Interiors 

Hiring Nancy as my business coach and joining the Profit Insiders Group has made a tremendous impact on my business and my overall confidence as an interior designer. Her no-nonsense teaching skills were refreshing and impactful. The wealth of information she has provided will be the catalyst that will catapult my business's success. Hiring Nancy has completely changed the trajectory of my future business and the return on investment was quadrupled within a few weeks.  Best business decision I have ever made!!!! 

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