Being A Mompreneur And Releasing The Guilt!

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Being A Mompreneur And Releasing The Guilt!

It feels like a lifetime ago when I was married with young kids. There was always the need to hop up out of bed for a crying or hungry child. Then I’d have a coffee on the way to the gym while my husband watched them and then the need to get home quickly so he could take his turn working out.

The day of driving & coordination would inevitably begin

I remember feeling always rushed and often flustered having three kids to coordinate doctors, dentists, play dates, school paperwork, and each specific activity that required three times a week practices or rehearsals and not to mention household chores like cooking, tidying, laundry, shopping, etc.

And then there was my business ambition & growth which was non-negotiable for me.

I know you totally get it!

Back then, my business was my respite from the hectic days filled with so much “stuff” that was out of my control. I LOVED working & growing my business.

Honestly, I probably used my business at times to escape the family frenzy.

I could control the business activities much better than the family personalities!!

And, I always got, and still get, so much pride from making money and seeing clients happy. Whether it’s a service or a product (I’ve provided both), a happy client equals a happy me.

Now my kids are getting older and only need me when they are sad, mad, sick, broke or hungry & broke.

It’s different but good, to watch them grow. They are learning to live on their own terms.Being a mompreneur releasing the guilt

I used to worry about whether my kids were negatively affected by seeing their mom work so much growing a business from home.

Now, I look at the skills they have learned by watching me and the work ethic they all have and I know that following my dreams of building businesses was OK.

I was back then, and still am, a great mom, business women, friend, daughter, sister and so much more. We all wear so many hats….and hopefully with an awesome pair of shoes!

So now my mornings are quieter and peaceful, something I never thought they’d be. I actually have more time for thinking, reflecting & growing.

I miss the life stages of the past sometimes, but I am starting to really enjoy this stage of re-defining myself, travel, and me time.

Think about it, I just wrote this entire letter to you without one interruption!!

Anyway, just wanted to touch base on this holiday weekend. Reassure you that the stage you’re in is perfect. It’s where you’re supposed to be and building your business is a juggle and struggle sometimes, but well worth the effort!!

Keep going strong, keep your eye on your goals and your core values in mind when choosing how to use your time.

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