Experiencing Success Resistance

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Experiencing Success Resistance

Are you experiencing resistance in keeping a steady flow of progress towards your goals?

I wanted to share this morning how normal that is! We all feel it and we all have days that are more unfocused than others. I experience it myself! Here’s how I help myself break through my lack of focus, procrastination, and resistance to what I know has to be done to rise to the next level of success.

3 Steps to Help with Success Resistance

1. I take 20 min to reconnect to my goals and purpose by sitting quietly and reading or re-reading from one of my favorite inspiring books. Today, it’s “The Perfect Day Formula” by Craig Ballantyne.

2. I add to my calendar the three things I will get done regardless of how my day progresses. I add these items to specific time slots on my calendar, not just on a list of “to do’s”. Putting them in a time slot ensures I’ve thought about the flow of my day and scheduled these items in, making them a must do.

3. I make a rule of the day for myself that is non-negotiable. For example: “Today, I will not watch TV at all.”, instead I will make calls today and reconnect with people who have been on my mind. “Today, I will find someone to give back to, give of myself, and my time to make someone else’s life better”. “Today I will NOT surf the Internet and get lost in its vastness. I will have a point and focus when I approach the computer.”

These three steps, these three rules help me focus. I do everything in threes! It works. Not too much and not too little. And remember this quote from my chosen book of the day “Success is simple once you accept how hard it is” Accept the challenge and realize that recommitting to your goals and success as often as daily is normal and is necessary!

Hope this helps you today. Let me know what you do to get yourself back on track and let’s learn from each other.

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