Planning for the New Year

December 7, 2020

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It’s that time of year again! Time for reflecting, acknowledging your successes from months past, and planning for the new year. For most people, that includes deciding on your New Year’s resolutions. I have a unique perspective on New Year’s resolutions, whether personal or professional.   

To be blunt, I detest resolutions. I don’t participate in the annual tradition of setting resolutions for the new year. Why? In my experience, the resolutions people choose tend to be grandiose and almost impossible to attain. On the other hand, goals tend to be achievable and more realistic.  

So, when developing a plan for the new year, I recommend using the following steps to set some actionable goals for you and your business.   

Think it Through

The first step is to set aside time outside the chaos of work and life. I know this can be a difficult task, especially in the full throes of the holidays. But by approaching this task with a distraction-free, open mind, you’re more likely to complete it!   

Next, think about what you’ve accomplished this year. Write it down! This is an important part of planning for the new year. Reflecting on the successes you’ve already achieved is a great way to build momentum for creating your new goals!   

Then, consider what the next goals should be for your business. Try selecting at least 5 goals. While they should be attainable with reasonable time, effort, and resources, it’s okay if they exist just a smidge outside your comfort zone. Write them down!  

Stepping Out

Once you’ve established a set of goals for the year, you should determine how you’re going to get there. Like any project, each of your goals has its own set of action items. Write them down!  

Planning for the New Year and setting business goals for success.

These action items serve as the stepping stones needed to reach your goals. So, it’s important to be specific. Assess the time that will be required to complete each step and create an initial timeline.  

With your goals determined, action steps outlined, and timeline drafted, begin to contemplate the resources you’ll need. To achieve success, what will be required? Perhaps an automation tool or new CRM would be useful. Maybe you’ll need to seek outside advice or temporary help. Determine what makes the most when planning for the new year.

What’s the Plan?

Take an assessment of the financial impact of the tools and resources you need. Keep in mind that your drafted timeline isn’t static. Adjust it as needed based on the investments you’ll need to make to find success.  

Be strategic about the tools and resources you select. There are so many options available, so do your homework! Good research will ensure you’re making a sound purchase and allocating your financial resources in a savvy way.   

Finally, don’t just leave all of this on scratch paper or – even worse – floating around in your head. Employ a project platform or calendar-based project management system. As an example, my team and I use Asana to keep us all organized and on task. This will help you put your planning for the new year into action. And doing so will make your goals come to life and keep you accountable to your deadlines.   


By following these steps, you can approach the new year with momentum and a success-driven mindset. By setting goals instead of resolutions, you’re more likely to achieve success and grow your business!   

Don’t set yourself up for failure. Remember…  

Resolutions = Regret  
Goals = Growth  

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