Time Management Equals Design Business Survival Skills!

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Time Management Equals Design Business Survival Skills ~ Nancy Ganzekaufer, Business Coach & Body Language Trainer


Timing is everything. And while time remains to be one of the world’s most valuable assets, most people will still find it their greatest common enemy, mostly when wanting to do a lot of different things during the same period. Those of you who work in the interior design world, definitely understand! When you have a creative mind it is hard not to have your hands on a number of things at one time!

Nothing is wrong with that, especially when you believe in your ability to multitask, but it helps to keep in mind that time becomes more and more valuable as the competition gets tougher―with numerous interests competing for limited resources.

Being an interior design business coach and having to manage a number of things at once, I do understand the struggle.

Here are some tips and advice on managing your time effectively to make you more confident that you won’t be letting time slip through your fingers!


Time management business strategies for designers and tips on managing your time effectively

You love challenges and you think saying yes to everything and everyone would help you boost your reputation. But in fact, you have to say no to some of them to be more productive. At least till you hire a solid team. Especially, you creatives and interior designers. Your projects tend to be too massive to over-commit!

The first thing that should come to you when someone makes a request, that will take a chunk of your time, is to say “no” if you feel unsettled or even a wave of stress come over you!

Cramping your schedule because you said too many yeses will eventually lead to lesser quality of task completion, failure of your promises, and doubts over your integrity! YOU cannot afford to have your integrity doubted. Integrity is your golden ticket.

Here is the deal! Saying “YES”, against your better judgment can lead to devastating burnout. So say “no” until a “yes” really actually appeals to you and brings you a sense of joy!


Guess what, if everything were important, the word ‘unimportant’ would not exist! I know, I keep it REAL! If you try to prioritize numerous things, you would eventually discover you have those teeny tiny unimportant things creeping into your list.

Separate what is truly urgent, important, and those that require a swift response to that which can stay undone for a while. Or, there is always the opportunity to outsource those “not so important” cramping the ‘best things to do’ with the ‘good things to do’ can become a recipe for disorganization.

Learn to reprioritize once in a while and refocus your energy on the most beneficial tasks.


It may take some time for others to follow a list but it works once you become used to it. Set a to-do list and remember to stick to it! Ensure your to-do list does not contain unnecessary details that may distract you but instead gives emphasis to the most important duties for the period.

You can create multiple to-do lists or create one where you can easily make references, especially if it’s on a mobile device. Your to-do list should be action packed, inspiring you to get started with your tasks once you see it. Also, keep in mind that the list should be specific and should include the most important tasks only.


Just go ahead with everything you’ve got on a day you set aside. Keep away all distractions and kick into full action! Sometimes, the appearance of a task is overwhelming, and the sheer thought of it further leaves you crippled before even getting started. Setting aside a day to do the task with grit and determination helps you power through it! It may not be or sound like the most fun, but you WILL feel relieved!  At least you get ahead, and sometimes, that’s all you need to complete it.

Time management is basically a survival skill that is required of you! HA! I know that sounds a little dramatic, but it’s true. If you are not using your time well, time is tossing you to and fro!

It may seem impossible to work without dealing with a huge amount of stress, but it is!  Sometimes, it is not really necessary to work harder―only smarter. And it is better to keep enjoying the things you know you love doing. Learn this art and you won’t ever have to feel that time is running out.

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Time management strategies in your interior design business are required in managing your time effectively to make you more confident.
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Your interior design biz and time management strategies help in managing your time effectively and confidently. 
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