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3 Effective Ways Every Interior Designer Should Be Using To Generate New Clients

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3 Effective Ways Every Interior Designer Should Be Using To Generate New Clients

As an interior designer wanting to generate new clients, you want to be effective and consistent.  Any search online will leave an interior designer feeling confident about getting new clients. There are seemingly so many options and great ideas floating around in cyberspace – how could you ever run out of things to try?


Like everything, though, too much information isn’t really that helpful, especially if there’s not experience and personal knowledge backing it up. In fact, many interior designers can feel overwhelmed with the amount of client-getting tactics discussed online, which leaves them feeling either paralyzed or, after trying dozens of them, completely burnt out.

That’s why it’s important to narrow in on strategies that actually work, and not just sometimes or on rare occasions. If you really dig deep into successful interior design businesses, you’ll discover that what they’re doing to attract new clients is actually pretty simple and, once they find something that works, they focus all of their attention on that, being careful to not get distracted by hype they hear in design circles or see online.

Yes, you should stay in the loop when it comes to effective marketing strategies as an interior designer, but you should also be confident that, when you find a winner, you don’t divert your attention just because something else seems shiny.


Below are three proven strategies designers at any stage of their business can utilize to attract a constant flow of new clients.


The best interior designers know how to leverage their social media accounts, strategically planning and scheduling every post for maximum engagement and exposure. As an interior designer, your portfolio and its pictures are made to excel on social media; everyone is eager to discover new accounts that offer visual candy, expert knowledge, and decorating inspiration for their home. And, once you start attracting followers to your accounts, the most successful interior designers know what to do next: Offer value and specific calls to action in order to convert their social media audience to new customers.


 Many interior designers attract new clients through their online content, which can come in the form of blogs, vlogs, YouTube videos, etc. Creating content is one of the best ways to multitask when it comes to marketing because it works to nurture relationships, build trust, and, maybe most importantly, allow people to find you online. Creating a content publishing schedule (and sticking to it) is an absolute must for any interior designer looking to generate new client leads.


Testimonials prove again and again to be one of the most powerful tools any business, whether online or offline, can use to convert leads to sales. They’re so important that many successful interior designers will have stories about how they were willing to do work at a much lower rate (even pro bono) in order to gain a powerful testimonial. And, if you’re able to use testimonials with images or videos, they’ll be even more influential. Get in the habit of following up with every satisfied customer and asking for a testimonial. If you do, you’ll have a bank of marketing material you can draw from again and again.

While there are plenty of other ways you can get new clients, focusing on these three will never prove to be a waste of time. And, the best part, they’re accessible to every interior designer. All it takes is effort, consistency, and a little bit of learning in order to make them work for you again and again.

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