Marketing Tips For Interior Designers

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Marketing Tips For Interior Designers


You LOVE what you do!  As an interior designer, you are living your dream.  You might not love the number of other designers out there though.  If you are struggling to figure out how to set yourself apart from the competition in a good way, keep reading!  Let’s discuss a few marketing tips for interior designers to help your business stand out from all the rest.

In a business such as interior design, the designer himself or herself is a huge factor in whether a client hires them.  One of your biggest assets then is YOU!  These techniques may not suit you and that’s ok.  The best way to make yourself noticeable is to BE yourself.  Tweak the tips here to fit who you are and your business best and you’ll find yourself attracting new clients.


Our first technique is to choose a niche.  A niche appeals to a portion of the population.  For example, you could specialize in working with young families.  Or you could cater to the bachelor men of the world.  Love the challenge of working on a budget?  Make your niche for those who want the interior design done but don’t have the means to spend a fortune!  Once you narrow your focus, you’ll be able to target those specific people to generate marketing text and content that will draw new customers in.  Brainstorm questions someone in your target group may ask and write your content to answer those questions.

Marketing tips for interior designers.TIP 2:  PLAY UP YOUR UNIQUENESS

When you work on marketing yourself and your business, find a way to make your uniqueness shine through!  If your niche is not enough to separate you from the hundreds of other designers, determine what about you is.  You have qualities that are all your own, and people will be drawn to them.  Try asking friends and family, or even past clients, what they love most about you, or why they chose to work with you over all the other designers in town.  These are the qualities you want to shout out about.


Along the same lines as choosing a niche, you want to be the expert that others will refer you for.  Imagine a client talking to a friend who wants a very specific design.  Do you want that client to say, “Let’s look up designers and see who can do it”, or, “You need to call –!  They are PERFECT for this job!”  Make it your mission to master a difficult technique and then show off your skills.  You’ll find a new client base and your marketing will have a very different message than your fellow designers’!

The world of interior design is packed with people just like you trying to make their business a success.  Get the edge over the competition by trying one – or all! – of these tips.  If you want to learn about discovering some secrets to making the sales process a breeze then click here to watch my video for more information!

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