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Today Is A Day For Action

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Today Is A Day For Action

How many times have you said to yourself, “I’m going to lose 10 pounds,” or “I’m going to send this email tomorrow,” or even the simple thought, “I want to do better”?

I was thinking today about how many promises we break to ourselves every day, from the little ones to the big ones. What stops us from achieving our full potential? What stops YOU?

To answer this question and to hopefully inspire you to action TODAY, I’m going to give you a 2-step answer!

1) Stop overthinking!

I speak to so many women who want to create something special, awesome, and big for themselves. Sometimes it’s related to business and other times it’s a relationship they want to strengthen, a diet, or a bucket list item that they have always wanted to do. It’s phone calls they are scared to make, it’s a presentation they are not sure will be a perfect success, it’s a Facebook promo series they just aren’t sure will be right.

I’m here to reach out to each and every one of you and tell you the biggest secret of all: PERFECTION is overrated. So stop thinking yourself into a small pile on the floor and stand up; stand up in your space and claim today as yours.

2) Set up PROCESSES that minimize your need for thought!

I have studied the formulas that work for successful solopreneurs and a pattern emerges not in how MOTIVATED they are, but in how they structure each and every day to maximize success.

A small example:

‘I want to get on the treadmill for 15 minutes every day,’ you say to yourself.

Now, I want you to a) set up your workout clothes the night before and place them next to your bed, b) set your shoes next to your workout clothes, c) set your water bottle next to your workout clothes and set your alarm.

Now go to sleep.

Wake up the next morning and don’t think a single thing. Put on your clothes, they’re right there! Tie your shoelaces; you can do that in your sleep! Grab your water bottle, it’s right in front of you! Now go get ‘em, girl. You just fought half the battle.

Create a process for everything

When you start seeing yourself complete these mini-goals by not thinking and just doing, you will reinforce the fact that you can and did, and will start stretching yourself even further for larger, even more, impactful goals.

So, what mini-goal will you set for yourself today? What process will ensure you complete this mini-goal? And what time slot will it get done in? The more detailed you get, the more you plan for success, the less you think and the more you just act, you will suddenly be someone who follows through on your goals and trust yourself to set even more!

I believe in you! Today is your day.

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