Your Online Bio: Is it a Boost or a Bust? By Fred Berns

July 2, 2018

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When it comes to a design industry coach and copy writer my friend Fred Berns is among the best. Check out his guest blog post on the importance of your online bio profile.

Those who need to know you, don’t.

Your top prospects don’t. Your website visitors don’t. Vendors and suppliers don’t. Even your current and past clients don’t. They don’t, because they don’t understand and appreciate all that you do, and how well.

That’s because your bio – on your website, your Houzz site and on social media — probably doesn’t tell them.

Your online promotion profile should be your most important personal selling tool. It’s the means by which you can promote yourself as a uniquely-qualified, leader in your field.

Your bio can do that, but most bios don’t do that.

If yours is like the majority of design industry bios, it undersells you. It may even block you rather boost you, and disqualify rather than qualify you from the kind of projects and clients that you want and need.

Too many bios are vague and wordy, focusing way too much on old certifications and degrees, and way too little on recent accomplishments and milestones. All too common are tired old sentences (“She’s committed to providing the best customer service.”) and all too rare are benefit phrases: explaining, for example, how you saved your clients time, money and stress.

Problem is, you can’t get good clients with a bad bio.

What’s it take to create a personal profile that dramatically differentiates you?

Consider these bio boosters:

+ An “Only” phrase (” ____ is the area’s only residential designer who…)
+ Awards and other honors
+ Design specialties
+ Experience
+ Accomplishments
+ Skills and capabilities
+ Other qualifications
+ Unique services and products
+ Publication history (where/how you’ve been published)
+ Client profile (who you serve and how)
+ Resources (vendors, contractors, etc.)
+ Affiliations
+ Educational background

It’s never been easier to get elsewhere the products and services you sell. But the one thing clients can’t get elsewhere is you. And there’s no better way to introduce yourself and communicate your value than with a stellar bio.

Making your bio meaningful – and memorable — is critical because nowadays you simply can’t afford to undersell yourself and fail to give credit where credit is due. You can’t afford to leave money on the table because people don’t know all that you do.

And you can’t afford to be your own, best-kept secret.

In highly competitive times like these, you can’t do the best job of selling your design services and products unless and until you do the best job of selling yourself.  The Personal Sale is the most important sale you ever make, and your personal profile is your most vital, valuable and versatile personal selling vehicle.

Craft a Killer Bio, or hire someone to do it for you. Do it right, and do it now!

Fred Berns, a design industry coach and copy writer, writes bios for design professionals. He offers a Bio Briefing to help you revise your bio, or craft a new one. Check out his website, or contact him at [email protected], or 303-589-3013.


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