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Tools For Creating A Growth Mindset

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Tools For Creating A Growth Mindset

I hope that you had the chance to read my last blog, “Signs That You’re Stuck in a Fixed Mindset”. If not, please take a few minutes to read it to get the most out of it! Now that you can identify what a “fixed mindset” is all about (if you see it in yourself) it is time to explore ways in which you can force your mind to function differently. The good news is that acquiring the right tools for building a growth mindset is simple and straightforward. The way out of a fixed mindset is to “look” beyond limiting beliefs and seeing what positive alternatives are really available. They are mostly derived from the same “symptoms” and cues I talked about earlier. The same signs that explained why your mindset is rigid and unmovable also offer a way out and a ticket for the incredible things waiting for you once you embrace growth.

Understanding the Growth Mindset

First, let’s have a look at what a growth mindset is all about. As you can imagine, the philosophy behind the “growth mindset” is the exact opposite of the one that threatens to suck you into mediocrity and unhappiness. The core belief underlying a growth mindset is that intelligence is not set in stone, nor limited. Forget about the craze surrounding genetics, standardized IQ tests, and other concepts used to explain why some succeed where others fail! The human brain is a fantastic system, one too complex to be fully understood even with today’s state-of-the-art scientific methods. Your mind has a high level of adaptability and you alone can mold it in every way you want. Since, your mindset sets the course of pretty much every aspect of your intelligence, skills, talents, and dreams you should feel great freedom knowing none of those things are set in stone.

So, let’s dive deeper into where transforming mindset lies. You must not ignore the external factors! As you might often wish, growth doesn’t happen from nothing. Growth in your mindset needs a very peculiar kind of fuel – challenges. You hate it but it’s true! If something is hard to accomplish you bet the reward of getting it done will be worth your effort. When it comes to moving from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset it is challenging. It takes work and intentionality but once you’ve got it, you’ve got it! When you feel your mind going in the wrong direction it won’t take too much effort to get it back on the right track!

Embracing Obstacles And Criticism

Tips for creating a growth mindset.

Obstacles can be your “helpful friends”, no longer should you see them as something to run from! Once you start building a growth mindset mentality you will begin to view them as aids. Offering you a great measuring stick to see how much you’ve climbed since you’ve decided to take on this challenge. When you begin to realize that obstacles are there to serve you (paired with patience and persistence) they just might become your favorite tool. So, once you have learned to master obstacles to expand your mind and capabilities a lot of the hard-work is done!

As you begin to dig deeper into the toolbox of your life (intelligence, talents, skills, and dreams). You can begin to unleash more of that hidden intelligence, skill, talent, and dream. Now that you can see and believe in the possibility of growth you are likely to feel that things should come more naturally to you. Success is easier to come by because your mindset is no longer working against you!

Lastly, there’s no better tool than what others have to say about your work even if it comes as criticism. Words might hurt at first but only if you take them personally. If you can successfully extract the meaning in the criticism you have an additional tool to accelerate your growth mindset! In addition to extracting the meaning that can really help you, if you can do that by not getting offended by the criticism (or staying offended) you will fly! You can no longer be boxed in by people’s words and this will bring you to a whole new level of a mindset that keeps growing and growing!

Banishing Jealousy For A Growth Mindset

The last tool one should use for developing and maintaining a growth mindset has a lot to do with how you position yourself in respect to the success of others. Be happy for others, it’s good for the soul! You don’t need to feel threatened. You don’t need to let jealousy get a hold on you.

Instead, you should turn it around and use it as inspiration. Even though the exact means that led to their success might be unknown what can happen for one can happen for another!  There is enough abundance in the world for people to experience success. The success of others can fuel the inspiration to make your own story great!

So, tell me and all of the readers some of the ways you would like your mind to get into the growth mindset phase? For those of you who have worked hard to achieve a growth mindset, what are your practices? Feel free to share with the community.

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