Unexpected Places To Find Interior Design Clients

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Unexpected Places To Find Interior Design Clients

Your number one question, the one that keeps you up at night, is where can you find new and more clients?

Here’s the answer I give my one-on-one coaching clients:

“Your potential clients, the ones that don’t know they need you yet, are hanging out and gathering online and/or in person, in places where they are trying to avoid hiring you.”

What do I mean by that?

When someone needs help with a goal, a project, an improvement, or a change, they comb the internet, go to places in person, ask friends and family about where they can learn how to do it themselves or easily. Seeking out information, instruction, or advice for free.   And for some lucky people, they can, and will, gather enough information to accomplish their goals.

But for others, getting information is not enough. They need help with the implementation of a successful end result.

To be found, valued, seen as an expert, and get hired, you must be where they are, be able to show your value, and be an attractive option.

Unexpected places to find interior design clients to fill your business pipeline.

Examples by profession of where potential clients may be hanging out:

  • If you are an Interior Designer or sell home enhancement products:  Potential Clients will be going to Home Shows, Furniture Store Presentations, HOUZZ, Facebook groups, and specific home forums to see what others have done, to get ideas, recommendations, and information.
  • If you are a make-up artist, hairdresser, or stylist:  Potential Clients will be combing YouTube for tutorials, following “experts” in the field, seeking out instruction in person, looking for inspiration on Instagram, and asking for advice on Facebook.
  • If you are a coach of any kind:  Potential Clients will be seeking out advice in Facebook forums, LinkedIn, Instagram, blogs, webinars, podcasts, and live seminars/classes. Looking for inspiration and the “secret bullet” anywhere and everywhere they can.

The information people are getting from these sources is not giving them a full picture or solution. For them to reach or accomplish what they are seeking to do, they may need more.

Be there to give advice, guidance, and information. If and when that person sees you as an expert, knowing you can help them finish a project or get the end result that they want, they will seek you out because they are now familiar with you. That is the opportunity to present your service or product option that best fits their needs.

When that happens, you get to do what you love to do….help them accomplish their goal!

Next step in finding your clients

Give some thought today on how you can help others, be where they are, and be seen as the expert. Trust me….it works.

If you are having trouble describing yourself and your business, do this FREE exercise called “Your Business in Words” prior to putting yourself out there to CREATE YOUR IDEAL CLIENT ATTRACTION statement. I call it…Your Business in Words. Click here and in 15 min, you’ll be ready to rock-n-roll.

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