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     Struggling with your Business Growth & Life/Work Balance? As a Women’s Life & Business Coach, I help female entrepreneurs achieve the Financial & Personal Success they desire.
  • Not enough clients?
  • Confused about how to use Social Media Marketing?
  • Need to learn Rock Solid Sales Techniques?
  • Need help to effectively grow your business?
  • Trouble with decisions, Goals & Follow through?
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     Working with me, you will gain Clarity of Purpose, Confidence, Problem & Decision Making Skills, Create Business Goals & Strategies, Learn Effective Leadership, and the Sales & Communication skills needed to grow your business to new heights.

I help you create 100% Success without Losing 50% of your Equity.

“In Nancy’s capacity as my Business Coach, she has succeeded in keeping me focused, motivated, and on track.  She has the tools & intuitively knows how to guide me to grow my business into a top notch interior design firm.  Nancy has the “know-how” the spirit, and the “get up and go” attitude that I need & want to keep me moving forward.!  Thank you Nancy for all that you do.   I’m looking forward to a great future”
   Betsy Lynn
   Betsy Lynn Interior Design
“Nancy is a very caring individual that truly wants me, as well as her other clients, to succeed not only in our business, but in our lives as well. I always feel “recharged” after my sessions with Nancy. She never ceases to amaze me with her energy and more importantly her knowledge on how to promote myself and my business. I would highly recommend having Nancy as your business coach!”
   Barbara McNally
   Design Views
  So many seasoned entrepreneurs who have been through a life change and starting second careers choose to work with me because I lead by example; I work hard yet smart, I respect others and demonstrate effective communication skills that have served my clients well. I have recreated myself many times over the years; thriving after divorce, raising three kids and starting, running and exceeding expectations in my own businesses.
     I currently coach One-on-One using my Prosperity Model which is my favorite way to really help my clients skyrocket to the next level quickly. We do Brainstorming, Pros & Cons, make Effective Decisions, Set Goals and match specific actions to those goals to Create Growth, Success & Profit fast.

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