Daily Access to Nancy + Team Group Coaching + Mastermind!

Get Out of Overwhelm

Become a productive + profitable business owner by being held accountable and not wasting time!

Fast Track Your Business

Develop a CEO mindset and take action to be one of the most successful + profitable Interior Designers today!

Prioritize and Maximize

Discover how to prioritize your most important tasks and maximize your time to increase your productivity!

Here are the tools to help you get there!

Business Help Line

Your daily access to Nancy & Associate Coach Lesley to get help with challenges on the fly.

1:1 Business Strategy Session

Time for you + Nancy to deep dive into the specific struggles you are facing in your business.

2 x Monthly Group Coaching

Mastermind style group coaching for highest strategic outcomes with Nancy Associate Coach Lesley.

Monthly Live Q&A

Q&A session tailored from your specific questions with Nancy Associate Coach Lesley.

Membership Site Access

Access to Nancy's 100+ trainings, videos, scripts, downloads + strategies.

Private Facebook Group

Private, confidential space to share your challenges + wins with Nancy + Associate Coach Lesley + group.

"... the tools and information is not only robust, but also implementable."


Carriage House Interiors

This isn't a question this is more like a testimonial. I'm only five days in so far and I've been on your website every single day learning so much, and I just want to say it's day five and I've already gotten so much value! I'm honestly so happy I signed up with you. I was between you and one other coach, and I'm so so so happy with you because I've already gotten so much value. Thank you!

Sunny Bae Design


"...you can't afford NOT to hire Nancy as your Business Coach."

Wendy Woloshchuk
Details Full Service Interior Design

This exclusive group coaching program also includes...

Website Review

A full review of your business website + feedback on improvements to increase your traffic + boost your conversions!

Social Media Review

A complete audit of your social media content + process with suggestions to improve audience reach and engagement!

Private Recording Hub

Never miss a thing! Access recordings + transcripts from each group session to keep your business moving forward!

Melissa Connolly

Authentic Interiors 


I vividly remember my first conversation with Nancy when I was terrified to invest in her resources. She asked if I was going to do “the things I needed to do” to grow my business. She knew I wouldn’t hold myself accountable the way she would and there was so much I really didn’t know…operating procedures, pricing structures, making sales, social media marketing and more, all within her highly-organized Membership Site.

It turns out Nancy’s Profit Insiders Group was the best investment I could’ve made. She is a business guru, life coach and network of referrals all rolled into one. I look forward to hearing her voice on Voxer in the morning when she inspires us to be our best selves as we face challenges. She’s recommended outstanding books, sites, organizations and professionals – all to help us in our individual journeys. At the same time, it’s comforting to be a part of group facing the same growing pains and learning from one another’s experiences.

Thank you, Nancy, for helping me grow my confidence, become profitable for the first time and start charging my worth. Your service and dedication to coaching others is priceless.

And sometimes I think you are psychic when you decide what to message us because it's so relevant to what's happening in my world!🙂

Profit Insiders for Interior Designers Group Coaching + Mastermind Program

A fully-customized, tailored program that will work for YOU and YOUR business!

ONLY $797/Month 

Overall Value: $21,605.00   |   Monthly Value: $1,800.42

Daily Direct Access to Nancy Associate Coach Lesley

High-touch direct daily support to Nancy's Business Help Line (via Voxer walkie-talkie app) Monday - Thursday!! 


1:1 Business Strategy Call 

Initial 50-minute private + personalized video strategy session with Nancy + link to recording for future reference!

(Value $497)

Live Group Meetings

Live group coaching & mastermind meetings twice per month with Nancy Associate Coach Lesley covering a variety of topics including marketing, social media, sales, pricing, money management, sourcing, client management + communications, and business management systems (just to name a few)!

(Value $9564)

Personalized Laser-Focused Coaching

Based on your business status, your challenges & your wins, receive laser-focused strategies from Nancy specific to YOU and YOUR business! In advance of each group session, you submit your specifics to Nancy Associate Coach Lesley to ensure your hot topics are covered as you need them.

(Value $600)

Access to Nancy's Confident Interior Designer Membership Site + Live Q&A

Access to Nancy’s Membership Site (aka Nancy's Knowledge Bank) with over 100 PDF's + training modules with new applicable, enhanced trainings added regularly + one monthly group webinar-style Live Q&A session!
(Value $8850)

Private Facebook Group Membership

Access to a private, members-only FB group! A place for support, discussion, networking + community! Share your challenges + celebrate your successes with like-minded industry professionals!
(Value $600)

Website Review + Social Media Review

Receive a review of your website and a social media audit by two of the best in the business!  
(Value $794)

Private Recording Hub

Your own hub with all group session recordings + transcripts so you never miss a thing!

Your Next Steps are as Easy as 1-2-3!

Complete Your Application

Complete the no-obligation application, providing details about the specific struggles you are having with running and growing your Interior Design business.

Schedule Your Quick Chat with Nancy

After completing the application, you'll receive a link to schedule a quick 20-minute chat with Nancy to go over your application and review your company challenges. You decide together if this group coaching program is right for you.

Sign Up + Gain Access

If you and Nancy agree this program is a good fit, you can officially sign up for the next group coaching program. You will immediately gain access to all of the strategic trainings available in the Membership Site!

Are you overwhelmed?

  • Juggling too many social media platforms to find your "ideal client."
  • Copying and creating systems that have worked for others but that don't seem to work for you.
  • Figuring out how, when & where to market your services with the right message to reach those clients who are in a spending mindset.
  • Determining what to charge, what service to offer & how to sell based on what everyone else - who "seems" to be doing well - is doing.
  • Updating your website, creating social media calendars for every platform, managing your contracts, figuring out your service models + how to price yourself, setting up systems, keeping clients happy + growing your offerings.
  • Making difficult decisions that are just so hard to make alone! 

You don't have to work long hours alone, constantly hustling without any guidance. You CAN create a successful, profitable Interior Design Business!

Hi, I'm Nancy Ganzekaufer!   

I'm Nancy Ganzekaufer - Speaker, Body Language Trainer, Author, and Business Coach. I’m honored to have been named one of the Top 15 Coaches in New York in 2022! I’m the most direct, actionable and no-nonsense Business Coach and Body Language Trainer you'll ever get to work with. 

I help struggling Interior Designers get clarity, make decisions, change their business models, update their systems, fine-tune their strategies, find their focus, and learn what they need to do to stay on track in order to make their businesses profitable.  

Through 1:1 and group coaching, courses, webinars, podcasts, interview series, and stage presentations, I have helped hundreds of designers turn their stagnant or mediocre businesses into booming businesses!  

With my Interior Design Industry experience for the past 25 years as owner of an Art, Framing & Accessory Consultation business and as a past Executive officer in the Interior Design Society (IDS) at the local, Virtual and National level, I have the connections, experiences, lessons, knowledge, business management, and communications background that allows me to help you turn your business into a profitable one.

Lessons include, but are not limited to, mindset, time management, sales, marketing, branding, sales, profitability, money management, and effective systems, and your journey with your clients communication to grow your businesses successfully and quickly. 

Lesley Myrick is an adventurous, organized, and enthusiastic interior designer with over 17 years of industry experience. Born and raised in Canada to British parents, Lesley has lived and worked in Toronto, ON; Los Angeles, CA; Waco, TX; and now Macon, GA. She earned an honors diploma in interior design from Sheridan College in 2005 and launched Lesley Myrick Interior Design in 2015. Lesley Myrick is known as the go-to interior designer for professional, high-achieving moms. In addition to running her eponymous design firm, in 2018 Lesley launched the Badass Biz Bundle coaching program to help brand-new interior designers kickstart their businesses quickly and profitably. After coaching her one-on-one clients for four years, Lesley is now partnering with Nancy Ganzekaufer as an Associate Coach.

A Well Designed Business guest speaker Nancy Ganzekaufer, Business Coach & Body Language Trainer

In this customized program, you will learn to...

Create Solid Business Basics 

Every great business begins with a solid foundation, backed by a strategic business plan. Professional growth stems from the achievement of specific, actionable goals. Discover the essential steps for establishing and building your sustainable and profitable business. Learn how to create your roadmap to success! 

Manage Your Time + Mindset 

Learn how to develop and maintain a positive success driven mindset to help you become more profitable. Transform your business into an ultra-organized, well-oiled machine! 

Identify Your Ideal Client 

Learn to easily describe who you are, what you do, who you help, and how you can help them in a fun, unique way, so you can easily attract your ideal client. 

Formulate Your Signature Message 

Do you find yourself fumbling when trying to describe your business? What's the best answer to the question, "What exactly do you do?" Using my PROVEN formula, create a concise, vivid message that gets your point across in a way that conveys who you TRULY are! 

Build Your Ladder of Services 

Defined service levels can help transform a mediocre Interior Design Business into a thriving, profitable one. Learn how to create your Ladder of Services for the success of your business! 

Share Compelling Content

How often should you post content? Should you have unique content on each social media platform? Learn how to develop a marketing plan that specifically relates to your online presence. And how to use that plan to achieve a consistent influx of potential clients. 

Grow Your Client Base

Discover the best strategies for growing your client base and watch your business thrive! Work Smarter, not harder! 

Nail Your Sales 

The sales process is one of the keys to profitability and success for any business. Lose your fear and increase your sales and profit margin! Find the professional confidence you need for the highest level of profitability! 

Manage Your Money Well

Setting up your business banking accounts properly is not only vital to your success, but will save you from so many future headaches! I'll outline what I have found to be the most efficient setup process and why. 

Create Successful Systems

Putting successful systems in place that you can trust  is integral to the growth of your business. Get out of overwhelm and get it done through these actionable steps! 

Marcyne Touchton

Domaine Staging and Design


I have been in business for 15 years, never being able to take a salary, or being truly profitable. I signed on with Nancy 6 months ago, and I doubled my income and NETTED my gross revenue goals! The information on her web that I access, and her instant support line, is so invaluable! That is what sustained me and allowed me to keep doing what I love because we all know in this industry, there are too many "I wanna quit" moments!

LuAnn Nigara


Nancy Ganzekaufer is one of the most dedicated business coaches I have met. Her enthusiasm for my business and my success is always clear and genuine.

What I love most is her ability to help me brainstorm ideas and new ways of both solving problems as well as creating opportunities for growth and profit. In the 3 years I have worked with her, I have come to have the utmost respect for her and am always grateful I have her in my corner as a business coach.

Natalia Zamarlik

NZ Designs & Associates Inc.


Nancy is a dream to work with, and through her wisdom, she truly helped me improve my business and gave it the running start it needed to flourish as a growing business. She has been a tremendous help in boosting my confidence and giving me invaluable perspective and focal points of improvement. She not only provided me with the tools to manage obstacles on the spot but served to elicit higher profit for my business, evident within a matter of 4 months! I can’t recommend her enough!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time is required for this program?

You can move fast or slow, it’s up to you. However, the more time you dedicate and focus on your business growth, the faster you will improve your systems, processes, and profitability.

I suggest at least THREE dedicated and focused hours a week to do a lesson from the membership site, attend the group sessions twice a month, and/or take the steps needed each week to continue to move you forward to implementing your goals to greater profitability, organization, and reaching your ideal client.

How fast can I expect to see results? 

Once you make the commitment, you will start feeling and seeing results immediately.

Will you be releasing more content in the future?

I release new trainings into the membership site regularly and am known for impromptu extra live trainings and Q&A sessions for those who are in my coaching programs. Your success is my success.

I'm a home stager, workroom professional or an Industry Partner in the Interior Design world, is this program still applicable? 

This program is specifically for Interior Designers only. If you are in another Interior Design industry profession and would like me to consider starting a group for you and some of your peers, please email me at [email protected].

What kind of support can I get if I get stuck? 

With the introductory 1:1 50-min coaching call with me, direct access to me & Associate Coach Lesley through the Business Help Line Monday - Thursday, the twice monthly team group sessions (with transcripts and a searchable video library), a private Facebook group, and my public Facebook group (The Interior Design Business Forum), I know you will have a ton of support.  

If, however, you get really stuck - which I do not anticipate - you will have the option to set up an additional 1:1 call with me for an additional fee (but you shouldn't need that!)

I already bought one of your other programs, how is this different? 

If you have coached with me before, you know how fast your progress can be. This group provides all the best of what I have offered in the past and goes above and beyond with more access to me and additional support from my Associate Coach, Lesley Myrick.

If you are subscribed to the Membership Site and are accepted into the Profit Insiders program,  let me know -- we'll adjust your Membership-Site-only subscription. 

Backed by a 180 Day Money Back Guarantee

Do the work, show up, and you WILL get results. 

If you don't get the results you expected with this program after completing and implementing the lessons in the Membership Site, attending all the coaching sessions live, and doing the work in the first six months, then I will give you 100% of your money back. 

The longer you wait, the more money you leave on the table!

This program can help you dramatically increase your sales and business efficiency. And the longer you wait to get started, the more money you may be leaving on the table.

Consider this...

If I helped you increase your sales by 5% this year, what would that mean to you? How about 10% or 30%? What if we doubled or tripled your sales? The limits are totally up to you and your willingness to plan, take action, stay focused, and be held accountable.

Are you ready to start seeing results?

Apply NOW for this one-of-a-kind Interior Design Group Coaching + Mastermind Program!