The Interior Design Profit Formula Success Course

Are you Ready to ReBoot your Interior Design Business in 90 Days?

Get access to laser-focused business strategy and mindset coaching

Tackle your biggest roadblocks: Confidence, Sales, Clarity, and Knowledge 

Become a Strong Leader directing the success of your business.

Create consistency in your Marketing, Visibility & Sales!

It’s time to grow your Interior Design Business by getting more sales, getting over your fears, & going for what you really want in your work and life.

You will learn to:

  • Extend your reach
  • Gain more clients
  • And double (or triple!) your income in just 90 days!

The Interior Design Profit Formula Success Course will deliver: 

Clients + Growth

Develop a solid plan for business growth while filling your pipeline with high-quality clients. 

Unparalleled Services

Create on-demand service levels for your clients and successful systems to deliver. 

Sales + Marketing

Learn how to sell without being sales-ey and proven marketing techniques designed specifically for your industry. 

Business Transformation

Take action steps aligned with who YOU are -- a critical component of your business, your bank account, and your sanity.  

Presented in 9 distinct Modules, each one contains detailed lessons, worksheets, tips, and strategies to help with implementation. As an added feature, a bonus Module is included with guidance on becoming the CEO of your own company. 

Altogether, the course includes over 8 hours of video content and interactive worksheets, and features Guest Coaches such as:

  • Yian Quach on “How to Convert More Clients With Your Interior Design Website”
  • Nicole Heymer on “Defining Your Brand”
  • Lori Ann Robinson on "Your Look, Your Feel, Your Image", and more!

Fill in the blanks of your business model and grow your business to the next level.

This unique online program can show you how, and you’ll get results because you're willing to do what it takes! Discover how to: 

  • Create a detailed roadmap to success
  • Identify your ideal client
  • Develop your signature message
  • Define your brand and learn how (and where) to share compelling content
  • Grow your client base
  • Build your ladder of services
  • Establish successful systems
  • Perfect your sales-closing conversation with a simple, proven formula

This is the best decision you can make for your Interior Design business. Get immediate access to 9 modules of actionable and insightful content designed specifically to double or triple your business.

Once you purchase the course, you have access for life! Rewatch each module as many times as you want. You can also ask questions and get answers through our Facebook page.

AND... you will also have access to me directly through my monthly LIVE Q&A sessions where I answer your questions about challenges you are facing in your business, live! 

You don't have to take our word for it.

Here’s what people are saying about Nancy’s business coaching: 

All course content is delivered via our online platform so you can access it anywhere you are, on whatever device you're using. 

Once purchased, you have access to this program in perpetuity. You will always be able to go back to it and reference at any point in the growth of your business. 

I am convinced that this process will work for ANY Interior Design business if you do the work and follow my proven strategies. But if you feel you aren't getting the results you want, have completed the entire course and have done the work, then I offer a 30-Day money-back guarantee. 

Backed by a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee 

Do the work and you WILL get the results. BUT if you don't get the results you expected with this program after completing all the content and doing the work within 30 days, then I will give you 100% of your money back.