Talk to Nancy

A 50-Minute Business Strategy Call to make your business...

  • Powerful
  • Profitable
  • Impressive

What's in store for you and your business?

I’ll help you design a business model that allows you build a business with the kind of income and freedom you desire. 

I'll show you the step-by-step process to increase your revenue by taking clients from prospect to calendar to close.

Get the clarity you need to make great next-step decisions for you and your business and get out of overwhelm!

Learn my simple system for automatically attracting, qualifying, AND closing clients every month with predictability in a 1:1 business strategy session!

You Will Get...

  • An in-depth analysis of your current business model. We start by looking at where you are now & design an actionable game plan to get you to your income goal
  • A big-picture view of how to increase your visibility & attract your ideal client
  • My secret formula to closing sales with confidence & clarity 

Who is Nancy?

Nancy is a knowledgeable, motivated, and no-nonsense Business Coach, Body Language Trainer, Speaker, and Author.

She helps Interior Designers and other creative entrepreneurs, coaches, and consultants create the successful business they have always wanted -- and deserve!

Through group coaching , 1:1 coaching, robust courses, and Nancy's ridiculously valuable membership site, she will help you transform your business into a well-oiled machine that will grow to the level of profitably you desire.

Nancy will help you set actionable goals to master marketing, sales, time management, communication, and more for personal fulfillment and professional success.

Nothing makes Nancy more proud than seeing her clients successfully attracting, closing, and working with THEIR ideal clients while making the money they deserve!

What my clients have to say...

Barbara D'Aquino // Transformation Business Coach
"Giving a shout out to Nancy Ganzekaufer – if you have not scheduled a one-on-one coaching session with Nancy, you are not giving yourself the treatment you deserve. Nancy is incredibly insightful and a terrific listener. I am so happy with the coaching she has provided me. Nancy, You Rock!!"

April Bliss McDaniel // Interior Designer

"Designers! I had the best hour-long coaching session with Nancy today! This was my first session with her and already it has radically changed the way I am thinking about my business. I had so many ah-hah! moments. I have been stuck in neutral with my business the last year and I finally feel like I have clarity and some actionable steps for the next phase. Nancy, I am so grateful!"

Anne-Marie Brunet // Interior Designer

"Just finished up a coaching call with Nancy and am ready to rock now. Nancy is so easy to talk with and has great ideas, real and actionable on how to get unstuck and rolling in the right direction. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders."

Saree Parry // Interior Designer, Decorating Den

"Without Nancy’s coaching and support, I wouldn’t have just closed on two new clients, and who fit my target, with cheques in hand, in one week. Because of her, I walked into those client consultations confident and prepared they would be both excited and relieved to be working with me – a genuine expert who could help them with what they were struggling with."