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Create Your Roadmap to Success

Every great business begins with a solid foundation backed by a strategic business plan. Professional growth stems from the achievement of specific, actionable goals. Discover the essential steps for establishing and building your sustainable and profitable business.

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Discover how to create a solid, effective business plan to position your business for success and profitability. Learn how to establish quarterly and annual business goals that make sense for you - and how to achieve them!

Learn the importance of knowing when and how to say NO for the benefit of your professional growth. Discover what you need to let go of to find success. And uncover the 5 secrets for having a highly productive year!

Use the provided tools to conduct an analysis of your current time management practices and take an in-depth look at multiple strategies for managing your time to achieve higher efficiency, maximum effectiveness, and healthy work/life balance.

Identify Your Ideal Client

An integral piece of the puzzle that many Interior Designers overlook is the practice of defining their ideal client. Not everyone who needs an interior designer is a good fit for your business.

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Use my proven method to discover and attract your ideal client – those who are perfect for YOUR specific business model. Learn how to get the most out of your marketing efforts by identifying and targeting these clients!

Formulate Your Signature Message

Do you find yourself fumbling when trying to describe your business? Learn YOUR best answer to the question, "What exactly do you do?” 

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The key to formulating your signature message is the development of a confident, complete description that you can use over and over again. Learn to easily describe who you are, what you do, who you help, and how you can help them in a fun, unique way.

My proven formula will help you structure a vibrant message that captures all of that detail in a concise, creative statement. And once developed, you'll have a message you can use in any situation. 

Your signature message can be used on your About Me page, on your social media sites, at networking events, in your sales pitch, or even in your daily life!

Build Your Ladder of Services

Defined service levels can help transform a mediocre Interior Design Business into a thriving, profitable one. Learn how to create your Ladder of Services for the success of your business!

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Establishing a solid Ladder of Services is essential. It will bring you more consults, help you close more sales, and fill your pipeline.

The best place to start is with a detailed breakdown of all the services you offer. This module walks you through documenting all the services you offer, what each level of service includes, and how to set an appropriate price point for each service level.

Proven strategies are provided for helping your clients understand the level of service they actually need and alternative solutions for marketing your services to them. 

Grow Your Client Base

Did you know that you can actively grow your client base WITHOUT actively working on it? Learn how to achieve an ongoing state of growth for your business!  

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Growing your Interior Design client base doesn't have to be a stressful mystery. There are organic ways to generate clients for your business. (Hint: it doesn't involve paying for ads!)

There is tremendous value in your online presence. Your visibility is key to realizing a consistent state of growth.

How can you strategically utilize your social media sites to increase your engagement and traffic? Is Facebook the best social media site to market your services? How often should you post content? Should you have unique content on each social media platform?

Learn how to develop a marketing plan that specifically relates to your online presence. And how to use that plan to achieve a consistent influx of potential clients. Understand how to manage your pipeline for maximum effectiveness and learn strategies for utilizing the most important asset you have!

Discover the best strategies for growing your client base and watch your business thrive! Work smarter, not harder!

Share Your Compelling Content

A business just isn't as effective without ample, relevant content, period. You need creative content that is unique and effective. Learn how to strategically develop and post content that people actually want to read!  

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Providing your followers and web visitors with fresh content on a consistent basis will make a huge impact on the success and growth of your business. But what do you write about? Where do you post it? And how often?

Discover what people want to know from you and methods for generating your content using a few tools for scheduling. Strategize how you can put automation to work for you and your business. 

Dive into the details of email marketing including how to structure your messages, how to create calls to action, and the vocabulary for motivating your followers to TAKE action. Discover the components of an effective blog and how to get every drop of engagement from it!

Learn to Nail Your Sales

The sales process is one of the keys to profitability and success for any business. Lose your fear and increase your sales and profit margin!

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Many find that they are intimidated when explaining their value to a client because of a lack of confidence. Having confidence in yourself and your services is essential to sales success. Learn how to lose your fear and increase your sales and profit margin to gain your freedom for a prosperous, fulfilling life of choices. And have fun doing it!

Create the perfect elevator speech and present your business in an approachable way to attract your ideal clients. Discover how to prove your value through your training, skills, and experience.

Discover how to strategically determine your client’s needs and pain points and how to explain why your client needs you - and needs you NOW. Learn to confidently lead the conversation, present your pricing without intimidation, and handle objections with ease. 

Define Your Brand

Developing and effectively marketing your brand is essential to the recognition and success of your business.  There are multiple things to consider when defining your brand. Where do you start?

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Learn the tremendous value of proper branding and how, when done correctly, is an integral tool for your sales success. Discover how to select the components of your brand that authentically reflect you and your business.

There are so many factors that go into establishing your brand and using it to project your unique self! Find out how to best capture your brand voice and visual branding and learn how to use them effectively on your website and in your social media marketing.

Learn the two most important things that your branding MUST communicate! Includes additional strategies from guest speakers Yian Quach, Nicole Heymer, and Lori Ann Robinson.

Savvy Designer

Want to strengthen your design skills and expand your horizons? Look no further! Use these strategies to become a savvy designer.

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Discover how renderings can increase your design income and profitability.

Explore the latest professional color tools and learn solid strategies for applying colors appropriately.

Bonus Video Library

Whether you're looking to up your marketing game, learn a few strategies for your website and social media sites, discover ways to better manage your finances, or uncover tips about the latest technology, you can find it here.

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In addition to the multiple bonus trainings found in this module, you will have access to all of my previous Monthly Q&A calls – insightful sessions where members bring specific challenges to me and the group for feedback and discussion.

Bonus Free Resources

The perfect place to find specific interior design advice!

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Use the included tool to search ALL of my Facebook LIVE recordings from the Interior Design Business Forum by keyword, and easily access all of my blogs!


Got a specific question how to grow your Interior Design business? Nancy has an answer! Each month join Nancy live as she answers your questions. Submit your questions, get detailed answers.


You may have seen GIF stickers on people's Instagram stories (including mine!). I love them! They're an easy, inexpensive way for service-based entrepreneurs to expand branding visibility! If you have an Instagram account, this course will be super helpful for you. It's fun and easy to do!


This course provides insight into the benefits of a Pinterest account and how to maximize it for your business! If you don't have a Pinterest account for your interior design business, or you have one that you aren't fully utilizing, this training will get you there and teach you the secrets of Pinterest success!

Pop-up bonuses will also be offered periodically to all subscribers of The Confident Interior Designer Membership Site! Past bonuses have included...

  • Social Media Instagram Audit
  • Personalized Individual Website Audit & Performance Report
  • Signed copy of my book! 
  • White Label Measuring Guide

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