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The Coaching Hot Spot

This Facebook community is built to support you in growing your online coaching/consulting service. This is a great venue to exchange ideas, collaborate, and learn tips while building your business. 

This is not for getting rich quick gimmicks because we know growing a business takes focus, dedication, a great plan, content, education, and consistency.

Ask Questions, be giving, share things that have helped you and support, support, support.

I love helping passionate women and men grow their businesses to a whole new level of confidence and financial success.

Time Analysis for Busy Entrepreneurs

Do you really have a handle on how you spend your time? Building a business is hard work, and far too many business owners like you find themselves feeling...

  • Anxious and overworked.
  • Overwhelmed and exhausted?
  • Like you will NEVER “get it all” done.

Your time is valuable. It is time for you to be in charge of how you use it.  

Your Business in Words

Your Business in Words Helps You Perfect Your Elevator Speech in Less Than 15 Minutes! In this free Webinar you will discover...

  • A way to define who you are, what you do and how you help potential clients .
  • A way to differentiate yourself from others in your field.
  • The secret to never having anxiety over how to present your business at networking events or when meeting new people. 
  • An interactive worksheet that will reveal the secret to a perfect elevator speech.
  • Tips to networking more effectively!
  • A way to revitalize your business! 

Every minute you wait to create “Your Business in Words” is another minute you're missing a potential connection with an ideal client! Use this breakthrough exercise to quickly and easily avoid fumbling when people ask what you do and more! 

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