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Is Your Body Language Helping or Hurting Your Business?

You know that the words you choose can make or break a situation. But what about your body language?

Your nonverbal communication is just as important! 

Do you realize the tremendous impact that your body language has on your sales and marketing efforts?

  • When your words and your body language are not in sync, you send mixed messages.
  • And that is the last thing you want to do when marketing your business or closing a sale!
  • Using appropriate body language is essential for building trust and creating authentic relationships.

Learn how to engage with your best foot forward to grow your business and achieve the success you desire.

Respond with Confidence

by Nancy Ganzekaufer

Have your words every worked against you? 

If so, you are not alone! The words you choose can make or break a situation. And the way you use your words (and your body language) can either help or hurt your business relationships.

The Confident Interior Designer Membership Site

The Confident Interior Designer Membership Site: Everything you need to know ALL in one spot.

Using the Profit Puzzle proven strategies, you will make decisions AND put solid systems and processes in place that will transform your business into a profitable, organized, well-oiled machine.

Enjoy all the strategies, tips and techniques that the Interior Design Profit Puzzle Membership Site has to offer. Put all the trainings from this tremendous knowledge bank to work for you today and watch your business thrive! 

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Interior Design Contracts

Get The Designer For A Day Contract Template for only $47

This one-page Contract covers specific items such as when the project is complete, what must be delivered, and when payment is due.

You can start implementing Designer For A Day without:

  • Wasted Time…
  • Unnecessary Frustrations…
  • Wasted Money…

HINT: After you purchase the Designer for a Day Contract Template through this link for only $47 – you will be offered to buy BOTH the Designer on Call + Full Service Design Contract Templates + Explainer Videos for only $197 – so this link is the BEST VALUE!

Nail Your Sales

Do you want more clients? Are sales conversations stressing you out? Do you need to understand how to address client objections? 

It's time to go for what you really want in work & life! Get more sales, grow your business and get over the fear. In this course you will discover... 

  • How to get clear on your MARKETING MESSAGING...
  • How to ask the right questions and successfully “LISTEN” to a client’s needs...
  • The reason why CONFIDENCE is magical...
  • When and How to ask for CONTROLLED FEEDBACK...
  • The proper way to present the “PERFECT SOLUTION” when presenting your plan to a client...
  • An array of effective methods to overcome common CLIENT OBJECTIONS...
  • What a FOLLOW-UP SERIES looks like to turn a NO into a YES...
  • How to go from sales famine to a SALES FEAST... CLIENT OVERFLOW!

The Interior Design Profit Formula Success Course

Are you Ready to ReBoot your Interior Design Business in 90 Days?

Get access to laser-focused business strategy and mindset coaching to tackle your biggest roadblocks: Confidence, Sales, Clarity, and Knowledge, while becoming a Strong Leader directing the success of your business.

Create consistency in your Marketing, Visibility & Sales!

It’s time to grow your Interior Design Business by getting more sales, getting over your fears, & going for what you really want in your work and life.

You will learn to:

  • Extend your reach.
  • Gain more clients.
  • And double (or triple!) your income in just 90 days!

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