Finding the Right Business Coach Can Make All the Difference!

May 31, 2021

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When seeking professional strategic advice and clarity, finding the right business coach can make all the difference. A coach works with you to define and achieve specific business growth and profitability goals. But when it comes to choosing the right coach for YOUR business, where do you even begin? 
The first step I recommend is documenting the biggest challenges you face as a business owner. This exercise will help you determine the area(s) where you need the most help! Prioritize these items based on their impact on the overall success of your business. 
Next, put together a list of key questions you want to ask the potential coach. Consider the aspects of your coaching experience that would be essential for a great outcome. And once you have your list ready, put on your research hat and jump online.

Learn as much as you can about the potential coach on your own. The insight you gain will help you better vet your options.

Questions to Consider

To give you a jump start, here are a few suggestions for your list.

Feel free to add any other questions to the list that specifically pertain to your needs for your business!

  • Q1: Does the coach’s personality style feel like a good fit to keep you moving forward?
  • Q2: Does the coach successfully put their strategies into practice in their own business?
  • Q3: Is the coach well-connected in your industry, have a team to support you, and provide a sense of community?
  • Q4: Do they speak your language and engage in an uplifting positive way? (Do you feel a synergy with them)?
  • Q5: Do they provide a knowledge bank of resources you can access outside of your coaching sessions as well as, on-demand and recorded transcribed sessions?
  • Q6: Do they require a minimum number of sessions (and if so, why)?
  • Q7: Are there additional resources such as blogs, courses, and group sessions?
  • Q8: What is the coach’s cancellation policy?
  • Q9: Does the coach have a considerable number of positive results or via testimonials or case studies?
  • Q10: Does the coach have a way for you to communicate with them between sessions if needed?

Case StudyFinding the right business coach can make all the difference in your success.

As an example of how a perfect fit looks, check out this actual case study. 

This business owner did her due diligence! With her ideas of the right coach in hand, she reviewed my website. And she checked out my philosophies and my coaching style.

She took a look at my free resources, videos, and other available resources. Then she checked out my testimonials! Based on her research, she determined that we might be a good fit.

So her next step was to sign up for an introductory business strategy call with me. Following that call, she decided to begin monthly 1:1 coaching sessions which provided her with:

  • Full access to all the resources available in The Confident Interior Designer Membership Site
  • My walkie talkie app for 1:1 clients
  • Weekly group calls
  • Recorded 1:1 sessions accessible for her review

That was a year and a half ago. She was recently completing her annual tax review and excitedly reached out to me with the following images. In one year alone, she increased her profit by over $75,000!




And she accomplished this simply by implementing the strategies she learned during our business coaching time together! This system can work for you too. It is all a matter of finding the right business coach!  


So, consider your challenges and obstacles. Make a list of the essential aspects of a business coach who is a good fit for you and your business. And do your research to get your questions answered. Like I often teach my clients, you can best accomplish your goals by doing a little planning and then springing into action.

Overwhelmed growing your business and need help? You do not have to figure it out all alone anymore. Sign up for an introductory business strategy call, and I will help you make decisions on the next steps for you and your business.

Hop into one of my private FB groups, the Interior Design Business Forum (Interior Designers) or The Coaching Hot Spot (Online Coaches and Consultants) to get my daily inspiration, lessons, and thoughts. Let these communities help you become an actionable entrepreneur!! 

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How to choose the right coach for your business.
How to find the right business coach for you.


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