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Grow Your Business Like A Man

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Grow Your Interior Design Business Like a Man ~ Nancy Ganzekaufer, Business Coach & Body Language Trainer

For the ladies in my following, this is a learning opportunity that could cause your business to soar! I’ve coached quite a number of men. What I have observed about most men is they don’t second guess or dwell on their price. They set it and go after making that sale! They are most often definitive in their pricing and process.


Men often do their research, make their decisions and then go for it. But as women, we often limit ourselves, are unsure and get stuck in other people’s budget mentality. Often we tell ourselves things like, “I’m not sure I can charge that much, I don’t have enough experience, I haven’t worked hard enough. My education is not enough! No one will pay me for this. I’m new in this business and I just want to have clients so I’ll take anything.” 

Do you see what’s happening here?! These are just limiting factors and beliefs. You have to handle your business like a MAN (blatant stereotype), you have to do your research, set your price and go for it. That’s it. Really!

When I think of the aspects of “Grow your business like a man!” it’s not to put myself or any women or men down in any way! It just helps me to remember what is vital to business growth so I hope you understand the following:

Grow your interior design business like a man and do your research, set your prices and go for it.

Do your research!

Set your prices!

Go for it!


For decades now our culture has kind of ingrained in women that you need to be docile and over accommodating. I believe we were made to operate on such a higher level than that!

I mean as women; we could do better. We just have to stop doubting ourselves, do our own research, set prices and then go for it. It is one of the things that I see men often do and that’s fabulous! I want to see women do the same as a whole. I do this myself. I make sure to do my research, evaluate my value, build up my courage, and I go for it. Really! That’s what it’s about, that’s what I have to do to grow my business and change someone’s life!


The number two; “go for it,” when I say go for it, “I mean go for it directly.” Make some CALLS! Tell them what you are up to! Let them know you’re in business. This way, you up your game!  I don’t care what you currently do. Here’s the truth, you write a list of people to call, they can be friends, family, other business owners you have done work with in the past, complementary businesses to your own and then you call.  You talk about what’s new, ask about them and bring up how you plan on taking your business to the next level. Let them know why you do what you do, how you do it and tell stories about how you’ve helped people in the past. Just chat, checking in and tell them what’s new and exciting. Stories are remembered way more than just listing all your services. That’s just boring!

You could say things like;

“Hey! I’m reigniting my business and I wanted to call you and ask for your advice.”

Or call and say,

“I just wanted to call you and talk because you were one of my favorite clients! Any advice on how I could connect with more people like you? People love to give advice and they feel flattered and honored that you are asking them. 

Say whatever you have to say but just get it done. Lead with your head, not so much from your heart. This is often how a man operates in business, from the head. Straight, direct and clear!


Another thing men do very well is setting a clear boundary between their work and family life. Often, men take time off to think of nothing. Most times, you hear them say things like “when I’m not working, I don’t think about business very often,” and this is so awesome. I mean, it’s something we women can learn. The truth is that over-thinking doesn’t help. Most times, when I am not working, I find myself thinking about my clients, my family and all sorts of things!

However, taking time off is really what helps you gain more clarity and recuperate. This way, when you get back to work, you’ll be able to stay in the moment and be available for everyone. 


In my experience coaching men, I have come to observe the difference in their thought pattern. They don’t go around in circles second-guessing themselves. 

The truth is that they are much more direct, they tend to be much more definitive and they’re less afraid to take a leap. I want to see women do the same. I want to see you handling your business like a man unapologetically!
I know I do :).

Take a leap and go for it! Sign up for a business strategy call and I’ll help you make decisions on the next steps for you and your business.

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Grow your interior design business confidently by doing your research, making your decisions and then going for it. #confidence #businessgrowth #interiordesignbusiness #businesscoachnancy
How to grow your interior design business with confidence and don't second guess or dwell on your price. #growyourbusiness #setyourprices #businesscoachnancy

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