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Using Your Personal Facebook Page For Your Design Business

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The Secret to Using A Personal Facebook Page for Your Design business ~ Nancy Ganzekaufer, Business Coach & Body Language Trainer

It’s important for you to grow your personal Facebook page as a starting point because more people will see your posts.  In addition, there are people who will see your Facebook Business Page posts on a regular basis but might hop on over to your personal account to check you out!

Your personal Facebook page is a really great place to start growing your network. Then you can invite your Facebook friends to like your business page which is where you do a little bit more active posting. The problem right now is that Facebook business pages do not show your posts to a lot of people.

You should not be putting a specific offer on your personal page, but it’s a great place to share a story, share when you’re installing, share about your day. You can even share your latest design project!


I know some of you feel like you’re opening up your personal space. However, I want you to think about it like this, if they don’t know what you do and they need a designer, you run the risk of finding out later that they hired somebody else because they didn’t know that’s what you did;  you’re taking away their ability to work with you.


I want you to think of it as you just love what you do. You want to share it and as you’re sharing, you’re making yourself available to people who need you. Sometimes, potential clients see you as a more viable option based on the relatability and warmth they feel from your personal page.

So, just share the love of what you do and see what happens!

CEO’S SEIZE YOUR PLATFORMS The secret to using a personal Facebook page for your design business is that it’s a great place to start growing your network.

You are the CEO of your own business. If you’re not utilizing every method to try to get the word out about what you do, then I feel like you’re missing an opportunity.

I seized my platform when I started growing my personal Facebook page.

Let me show you how to do that…

Friend people in town, friends of friends, other parents or people who like and follow the same local groups as you do.  Then you can wait a little while and Invite them to like your business page. Some people will, some people won’t and that’s ok. I have about 5,000 close and personal friends on my personal page (well not all close and personal) and over time, I have invited the appropriate ones to like my business page.  Now I can’t take any more friends because I am at the Facebook friends limit.

So, what I did was typed out a message, store it in my notes on my computer and when someone tries to friend request me, I copy and paste this message, “Hey, it’s great to connect to you on Facebook. Unfortunately, I’m at my max friend’s list, would you please follow me on my business page, here’s the link, in order to stay in touch with me or to let you know what I’m up to.”

That’s a little tip for you to try.

When first starting my business, my personal Facebook page friends growth was my focus.


After 2 years of growing my personal page, I switched my focus to be my Facebook Business Page. Then I created my  Instagram and began growing that following. When I kind of had that down pat I thought, okay, I’m ready to learn the next thing. For me, that was LinkedIn.

By then, I had a team. Now my team is growing, when my LinkedIn was at about 12,000 connections we started with Pinterest. I think Pinterest is a great place for interior designers to showcase their work and to get more people on their email list. Pinterest is really a search engine. And it’s where people look for interior design ideas and pretty pictures. It’s really a gold mine for interior designers to be found and to be followed.


There is a lot that I just listed above so don’t get overwhelmed. First, set your goals. If your goal is to double your Facebook friends by August, your mind is actually focused on this when you go on Facebook. You’re not just going down the rabbit hole of Facebook and looking at everybody.

This strategy will work for you if you work the strategy! Try it out and let me know how it works for you!

Overwhelmed growing your business and need help? You don’t have to figure it out all alone anymore. Sign up for a business strategy call and I’ll help you make decisions on the next steps for you and your business.

Hop into my private FB group The Interior Design Business Forum here to get my daily inspiration, lessons, thoughts of the day and let the community help you become an actionable entrepreneur!!

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How to use your personal facebook page as a marketing tool in your interior design business for networking and client growth.
Using your personal facebook page for client growth in your interior design business.
Tips for using your personal facebook page to grow your design business.

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