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As an interior designer, you come across so many people that you have to work with on a real personal level. Same with me. Being an interior design business coach, I get REAL personal with my clients and potential clients. Wouldn’t it be great to have a system or formula where you could have a deeper idea of who you are working with? I have something that could help you and how appropriate that it’s using colors!


In a nutshell, knowing the different color personalities means you’ll be able to understand people better than they understand themselves. Well, sometimes!

At this point, this tells you nothing. Not to worry, it didn’t mean anything to me when I first heard about color personality types. But if I had known about this years ago, it would have saved me a ton of aggravation.

Everybody has a color type. And depending on that color type, you act in a certain way. Certain things are important to you. You like to be talked to in a certain way. You like and dislike certain things.

Take me for example! Let’s say you were calling me as a potential prospect.

What if you knew how I liked to be talked to? Knew what was important to me. What I like and what I don’t like. If I was overly sensitive or if I needed support. You get the point!

What if you knew all this information about me after only talking to me (or anyone) for a few minutes? Gaining more and more insight about me the longer you talked to me.

Do you think this would impact your business and your personal life in a positive way?

I can give you a brief overview of the four different personality colors. There is much more to learn but this will give you a good idea of the power of understanding color personalities. (They’re in no particular order)


First, there is Yellow. Yellow’s are open and indirect with their feelings. They are the best at using both sides of their brain. They are relationship and family orientated, logical, analytical and teamwork is very important to them. Their voice is soft and gentle and they speak in relaxed tones.

Yellows usually have more nurturing jobs like teachers or social workers. They like giving back to others. They don’t like pushy people, aggressiveness or sudden change.

Some of their weaknesses are they can be oversensitive, take things personally and will buy other people’s excuses.

Talk to a yellow slowly and relaxed and let them know they are appreciated.


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Next is Blue. Blues make up 15% of the population. Blues are open and direct with their feelings. They are very right-brained, tend to talk fast and are more creative. Strong on family and relationships, spontaneous and enthusiastic.

Blues tend to have more creative jobs like sales (of any kind), singer-songwriter.

They like having fun, they don’t like facts and figures or being sold.

Their weaknesses are being unorganized, scattered and poor savers.

When you talk to a blue focus on fun, talk about excitement. Never try to sell a blue type too hard.


Next is Green. They are indirect and self-contained with their feelings. Right-brained, very logical, and analytical. Precise and need to have all the facts and figures. They are savers. Organized, task orientated and accurate.

Some of their jobs include engineers, accountants, CPA’s, professors. Anything to do with logic and reasoning.

They don’t like pushy people, not having all the facts and figures, not being on time or aggressiveness.

Some of their weaknesses are over analyzing everything (to death), being harder to please and more pessimistic than the other colors.

When speaking to a green, give them the facts and figures. You cannot overload a green with emotion.


Finally the Red. Reds make up 15% of the population. Reds are direct and self-contained with their feelings. Reds are right-brained. Their slogan is, “It’s my way or the highway.” Forceful, stern and to the point. No chit chat, take action. Task orientated, impatient, unteachable, show me the money.

Their jobs consist of being CEO’s, attorney’s, military leaders, and president of a bank.

Reds do not like losing control, indecision or small talk. They don’t like talking about time, family or vacations.

Some of their weaknesses are having a big ego and being domineering.

When you talk to a red you need to let them think you need them. They like being sold, so focus on money and stroke their ego.

Pretty interesting stuff, huh?

Now just imagine using this information the next time you talk to a potential client? How do you think your next call will go?

Learn this skill so the next time you’re talking to someone you’ll know exactly why they’re acting the way they are and why they are asking the questions they do.

Instead of taking things personally or getting frustrated, you’ll say to yourself “They’re acting like that or speaking like that because they’re a green” (pick a color).

Master this one skill and your business will begin to experience a new type of flow!

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Understand color personality types to get more interior design clients.   #colorpersonality #understandingyourclients #interiordesignclients