Signs You May Not Have Control Over Your Life

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Signs You May Not Have Control Over Your Life

It is not an uncommon thing to feel like you don’t have any control over your life at times. All of us go through seasons where life is a bit much and it seems like everything else is taking priority. It is one thing to have seasons like that, but to experience that more as the norm could be a sign that you are not in control of your life as you should be.

Having been an interior design business coach for a while now, I have seen a number of my clients in this state! I’ve been there too. If you feel this way please don’t despair, you can regain control with effort. You can get ownership back when you feel things have gotten out of hand. First, you need to understand the clues to what it looks like to not have control over your life!

You Don’t Feel Respected

When other people in your life have needs and rely heavily on you to solve them, you may feel disrespected or used. Does this happen to you? Remember, they cannot dictate your life unless you let them.  When you have allowed people in your personal life or in your business life to pull you into their funk, you may feel intruded upon on a regular basis.  Don’t let yourself become a doormat and jump every time someone else is feeling stressed. You can change this pattern.

You Fear Standing Up for YourselfSigns you have no control over your life and business.

Do you feel like there are situations or people who steal your voice on a regular basis? When you try to speak, you worry about repercussions for standing up for yourself?  Do you shut down because it doesn’t seem worth the argument that might ensue?

It’s time to put some boundaries in place and start speaking up for yourself.  You can set the rules for engagement that feel right to you, taking one baby step at a time till you have a new way of communicating more effectively and feeling empowered.

You Feel Like Your Life Doesn’t Have Much Meaning

Does your life at times seem to be purposeless? Do you feel like your life isn’t counting for anything and that you’re going in circles? Now is a great time to get introspective and start to take control in that area of your life. Everyone in existence has a purpose.

So, begin to reconnect with yourself. What are the things that bring you passion? What problems in the world would you want to see fixed? What are the things that you are drawn to?  What is your superpower when it comes to helping others?

Somewhere, in all of these questions is the answer. Questions can take you on a quest that will bring a sense of purpose that you need to feel to stay motivated every single day.

You Consistently Feel Lethargic

It’s natural to be tired at the end of a busy day or a busy week. The type of lethargy I am referring to is the type that is just ongoing. It’s the type of lethargy that no matter how much rest you get, there is no significant rise in energy. It seems you have lost all inspiration for what previously inspired you.

This could mean that there is a lack of drive to better yourself that you have had in the past. You can’t seem to find the interest in pursuing dreams and following through with things you know will be good for you. Be aware that although this could be depression that should be ruled out by a doctor, you could also be experiencing burn-out from a difficult period in your life.

When lethargy is knocking at your doorstep, it is really time to take a look at the things that cause your energy and vitality to be exhausted. Then try and filter out the things that are draining, so, you can naturally begin getting your drive back.   

For some of you, it might feel a little challenging to recognize that maybe you are not as in control of your life as you thought. There are a lot of emotions that can come up with processing that reality. It can tempt you to want to back away from the process. However, what you don’t change could turn into a much larger problem.

So, as I wrap up, do you see yourself in any of the examples listed above? Did other things not discussed turn up in your mind? If so, how will you take the steps to regain control of your own life?

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