How To Reconnect With Your Value Part 2

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How To Reconnect With Your Value Part 2

Are you still struggling to reconnect with your value? It’s OK! One thing that our culture does not teach us is how to do that. You are literally doing a work of reformation to bring yourself back to a place of value and that just won’t happen overnight, but it is definitely and always worth the process! So, with that, here are some additional tools to help you out.

Create a Brag Book for Yourself

If you really want to have fun with this, why not do it as an artsy journal or scrapbook? Make it something memorable and make the process of putting it together memorable. As you are putting all these skills in a visual format, ask yourself “Does all this negative self-talk match with what I am seeing right now?”. Your minds and emotions will lie to you, but what you have actually done is the TRUTH. Those things are the facts and should put all false self-talk to rest.

Whenever you need to remember the truth about yourself just go back and read your brag book.

THE POWER OF Asking Yourself the Right Questions

Have you ever been through something that really shook you so much, that you were not thinking (or your thinking was paralyzed)? Then maybe an old, trusted friend came and asked you some questions that helped zap you back into reality. It is almost like their questions broke a spell off of you! This is the reason for making the move toward asking quality questions is so imperative.

Quality questions can make for a  better of quality life. Questions make you think about yourself and your life, helping you to remember who you really are. Thus, helping to bring you to a place of reconnecting with your value. The key is to build up a few examples of questions for when you go through those hard times. These will help you move back into that place of value. Take a look at these examples and make 5 to 7 of your own questions:

  • What am I most cheerful about in my life now?
  • What am I most amped up for in my life now?
  • What am I most glad about in my life now?

What is Most Important to You?

Take some time out and help yourself to remember what’s extremely critical to you. What are your favorite qualities about yourself? Are you doing enough things that support those qualities? Sometimes the things that you are doing in life need to have an expiration date because those things feel a little dead! Or maybe you are spending time on duties you are not properly skilled or equipped to deal with. So, your value goes down the tank. It’s great to check in once in a while and ensure that your life is being lived in accordance with what you have confidence in and what you feel is beneficial to your growth. It’s anything but difficult to get on life’s treadmill and forget about its significance and just go through the motions. Taking opportunities to recognize what you truly desire and realign yourself with what you desire is fundamental and crucial. Make this a habit.

Add Conversational Depth to Your Trusted Relationships

Don’t be afraid to go a little deeper with the ones who love you. Speaking with individuals you cherish, regard, and feel a closeness with can be invigorating, affirming, and at last quieting of all fears about yourself in one sitting. Open up to them about the struggle in your personal value. Any sort of discussion with dear companions or family you trust can truly help reset your mentality and remind you and affirm your identity and your destiny.

So, by now you should be feeling like you have a really solid toolbox to fight the war against feeling like you’re disconnected from your value. Remember, your mind and negative self-talk will lie to you, making false things seem unbelievably real. However, when you do the exercises in part 1 and part 2 of this blog, it brings the truth to light and should destroy all lies that stand in the way of truly embodying your value.

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