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Is Marketing With Facebook Groups On Your Radar?

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Is Marketing With Facebook Groups On Your Radar?

Instead of always being on a hunt for new people to reach out to, why not create a Facebook group amongst the people who already follow you on various platforms? They already know you. Many probably trust you and look forward to your posts. This is your very warm market.

Imagine what having all of your warm market leads together in one easy place can do for your business! If you have never thought about starting your own Facebook group, this alone should be a great push to do so!


1.  Reasons why Facebook groups work

Everyone you need to see your message is in one collective place! Since 2014 Facebook’s ongoing algorithm changes have made what we post on our profiles and business pages less visible. The focus has been to get users to pay advertising fees in order to have a broader reach. However, you do have a much higher visibility posting in a group.

Another powerful reason to have a Facebook group is that members get to “see” who has the same interests and goals as themselves. It creates a more natural dialogue and engagement across the posts.

This is great because when new people are deciding if they want to join your group, they can see it’s an active and engaged group.

2.  Be specific when naming your Facebook group

People should not have to decode what your group is all about because of the name. It should be short, catchy and describe exactly who and what your group is for. If your group name is too generic or flowery it may confuse people. They may think they are about to join someone else’s group or change their minds about joining because the name throws them off.

So, when choosing your group name pretend you are someone who is considering joining the group. Would you be drawn to the name or confused by it? Does the name support your brand and other platforms attached to you? Just something to think about.

3.  How to invite people into your new Facebook group

There are so many ways that you can do this! In all of your social media profiles you can have a call to action to join the group. In all of the email’s you send out, in the signature you can have a blurb inviting your readers to join your group.

If you have a business page on Facebook, periodically invite them to join your group. Detail the features and benefits, so people can feel that they need this group as a building block for their business.

Also, you can utilize platforms of influencers that compliment what you do. They can send a message, tweet, instagram shoutout to their audience about your group. It’s a great way to get fresh endorsements and warm leads.

Don’t forget about your blog! You may very well get some new readers coming through search engines. Each time you are wrapping up your blog be sure to include an invite to join your Facebook group, giving them an opportunity to connect with you more.

Lastly, if you are featured on a podcast that is a wonderful way to invite people to your group. Think about it, they just heard your story, tips or strategy you made a connection with them. Extend an invitation to connect with you further (and more up close and personal) through joining your group.

4.  Posting for engagement

Post in a way that solicits a response. This may come through asking a question about their business, social or creativity needs. It could be through presenting a short case study and asking for advice or strategies. There are many ways to get people talking and sharing. Something that gets them to think about a need that needs to be fulfilled, tends to generate some good engagement.

Get them to share a need by asking some relatable questions. Let’s just say some of you have groups that are entrepreneur related. Here are some sample questions to get your mind going:

  • Where do you want to see a change in your business?
  • What goals would you like to see realized in the next 6 months?
  • What are some of your greatest concerns about taking your business to the next level?
  • If money were not a problem what marketing efforts would you want to scale up?

5.  Don’t forget to have calls to action on your posts

A group is the perfect platform to present your calls to action for new classes, products, services and consultations. It is also a great place to test which calls to actions are receiving the most engagement.

If you are feeling like starting a Facebook group will be an extra burden to manage, it’s really not. I wouldn’t be surprised if you enjoyed that more than running a business page. Give it a try and let me know what your results are in a couple of months!

Overwhelmed growing your business and need help? You don’t have to figure it out all alone anymore. Sign up for a business strategy call and I’ll help you make decisions on the next steps for you and your business. 

Hop into my private FB group the Interior Design Business Forum here to get my daily inspiration, lessons, thoughts of the day and let the community help you become an Actionable Entrepreneur!!

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