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Following Up When Design Clients Don’t Hire You Right Away

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Following Up When Design Clients Don't Hire You Right Away

There is so much emotion around following up with people after an initial consultation. Interior Designers tend to say and think things like:

“I don’t want to bother them, be too salesy, too pushy etc.”

But then what happens? You wait and wait only to become more and more anxious as time goes by.

“They probably hired someone else”, “Maybe they didn’t like me”, and suddenly your mind starts to make up its own reality.

Instead, I’m suggesting that you try to find out the reality.

Set up a 30-day follow-up series that requires very little thought or emotion.

Make it part of your procedure.

Here’s an example:


Text or email...”Did you get a chance to review the design proposal? Please, let me know if you have any questions for me as I’m excited to get your project under way.”


Get on your active social media platforms and follow your potential client(s). This enables you to have a gentle & passive way to remind them that YOU exist, your services are of value to them and they owe you a response.


Are you going to be doing a webinar, FB lives or blog post on a topic they would benefit from? Invite them!  Are you hosting a brunch or talk that could re-engage them in what you have to offer?

Or, send them a link to a YouTube video, FB lives, or blog post that would be of interest to them.  This shows them that their interests are on your mind.

DAY 18- GIVE THEM A CALL: Following up when interior design clients don't hire you right away.

Check in with your potential clients.  See how they are doing with the project, and ask them if there is any question they have in order to make a decision.  Don’t be afraid to ask “Do you feel I’m the right person for the job?”. Scary, I know! But this question will flush out any doubts they may have about you, your service or their needs, and whether you are a match.  Isn’t it better just to get that out in the open?


If you just so happen to come across a picture, an inspiration, or an article that is applicable to the conversations you have had with potential clients, email it to them as a nice and helpful gesture subtly reminding them you are still there and thinking of them.


By this point, if you have not been able to “seal the deal” then add them to your newsletter list and plant seeds that way.  Sometimes, the delay could be a matter of confusion. They have consulted with a few designers, who do they choose? Perhaps, some informative and helpful e-mails could push them more towards your services.

Let’s hear your thoughts! How do you follow up with your potential clients? Do you have some creative ideas and strategies that have worked for you? Please do share!

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Following up with potential clients after an initial consultation. #potentialclients #followup #initialconsultation
Set up a 30-day client follow-up series that requires very little thought or emotion. #followup #initialconsultation #interiordesignbusinesstips

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