5 Tips On How To Raise Your Design Rates

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5 Tips On How To Raise Your Design Rates

These 5 tips will help you shift your mindset and teach you how to raise your design rates with confidence. Taking the leap of faith and raising your fees can be terrifying!

The fear comes out, as the voice in your head saying:

  • No one will hire me for that price. I can’t do it. I’ll lose business.
  • How do I say this confidently and still look people in the eye?
  • My “competition” doesn’t even charge this much and they have even more experience than I do.
  • ​​​​​​​How can I justify this to them when they ask?
  • ​​​​​​I wouldn’t even pay that much for myself, why would anyone pay this?

These are just 5 of the negative things you say to yourself.  But honestly, when it comes to negative, self-doubting, derailing statements, I’m sure we could fill up a notebook together.

But let’s replace those thoughts with the following 5 tips:

​​​​​​​1.  This new rate will be amazing and allow me to work with clients who value me and my profession.

2.  I’m going to practice feeling my worth by writing down all that I do so I can deliver this message with no hesitation, I am worth it.

3.  I don’t care what my peers are charging, there’s no glory in being the cheapest in any market.  There is just more work, less profit, more overwhelm, and less of my ideal client.  That is not going to be my reality any longer!

4.  I’m going to create a Welcome Packet for my potential clients that shows my worth, my process, my testimonials, my value, and my professionalism.  This way, it’s clear how much I do for them and that I’m worth it.

​​​​​​​5.  I will not let my own money mindset and scarcity issues affect presenting myself and my services at a rate that I need and want in order to run a profitable business.

​​​​​​​These are the mindset shifts, the words you need to adapt, and the service improvements you need to make to “justify” a rate increase to yourself.

It’s all about your mindset.

Once you start truly identifying, absorbing, and feeling how much you do for your clients, it gets easier.

You may think what you do, at times, is no big deal and that the client can do these things themselves, but the point is, they have chosen not to.

They have identified, in themselves, that they are just not good at what you do so well, and they need help.

What may be easy for you, is literally either impossible for them or they just don’t have time.

So, here’s my tip, look your potential client in the eye and say:

“I guarantee you, that I will save you time, money, and mistakes when you work with me.”

That statement, which is simple and true, will help you seal the deal.

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