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Shopping has taken a back seat to growing my coaching business and helping my clients and my private Facebook group The Interior Design Business Forum become confident, focused, and profitable.  

I was up way too early this morning worrying about when I’m going to have time to run to the store to buy new shoes for my upcoming trip to Savannah, GA.  I’m leaving for the Interior Design Society (IDS) National Conference and the shoe situation is feeling urgent!  

I have a shoe obsession and it’s been way too long since I indulged it.  I need to get my priorities back in line!  Shoes are very important to me. LOL

In addition, my adrenaline is still running high from my “appearance” on an Internationally syndicated Radio Show on Voice America called “Go For It” with Jo Hausman. Click here if you’d like to listen. 

It was very exciting!  Some people actually text the radio show with questions for me which was very cool.  And it was LIVE.  

The street cleaners suddenly appeared 10 min before going live. I had to do the entire one-hour episode in my basement so no one would hear the dog barking.  My nerves really kicked in.    

Anyone have a compassionate solution for controlling an excitable 4 yr old Toy Yorkie Poo who barks way too much?  

And don’t suggest I get rid of her because she’s my baby and we are starting to look alike!  Check out my Instagram story to see how :).  

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