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As I was going through my emails I saw an announcement from Editor at Large  and I thought this had to be the best show me the money ever for entrepreneurs in the interior design field. 

They were having a presentation in Manhattan by a Lawyer and Managerial Accountant that specializes in the Interior Design Field and managing their money.

They were charging quite a bit to attend this presentation.  I thought, these guys must be really good!  I Facebook messaged the Managerial Accountant specialist and asked if he would be willing to make a presentation to my clients.

Yup, just like that.  I friended him on Facebook, private messaged him and now…..drum roll please.  He virtually taught all my clients how to manage the money side of their Interior Design Businesses.   He taught them in a way that will ensure they don’t mess up and cause themselves more heartache, pain, work and negative outcomes.

Not managing the flow of your money well in your Interior Design Business can cause you a ton of heart ache and pain

Do you pay and isolate your Sales Tax?  Do you separate the funds for products, delivery, and storage from the funds that represent your profit?  Or do you just mix it all together and hope for the best?  Are you doing your monthly bank reconciliations?

At this time of year, when your accountant asks for your numbers to do your tax return, are you ready with all your paperwork clean and neat?  Or do you panic and have to designate an entire day to get your shit in order?

I bet I know the answer!

These are just some of the “challenges” Justin Masonek, Managerial Accountant for Interior Designers went over in his chat with my clients.

Let me put this out there straight and direct:

If you have been on the fence, looking and waiting to get the coaching you need from me to grow your business, get more sales and become more profitable, now is the time to pull the trigger.  If you just haven’t gotten the guts to invest in yourself and your business growth, now would be the time to do it.

Honestly, 95% of my current clients have made more money by working with me which has well paid for their coaching and much more.  They have learned and continue to learn Sales and Leadership skills that will make them money for YEARS to come.  They are changing their habits daily.

So, I’m so confident when I tell you, if you are struggling in your business growth, with being profitable, with working with clients that are NOT your ideal client, then it’s time to take action.

Sign up for the Sales and Leadership Academy for Interior Designers 

You will be included and invited to special additional training that are just for my clients.  (one of the added bonuses you get when you coach with me).

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What is the Sales and Leadership Academy for Interior Designers?

Glad you asked.

The Sales and Leadership Academy provides everything you need for your journey as an Interior DesignProfessional.

Whether you’re at start-up stage or you’re up-leveling, it’s tough going it alone – especially if you are a solopreneur.  There’s no one to consistently bounce ideas off of, teach you, redirect you, keep you on track and hold you accountable.

The Sales and Leadership Academy for Interior Designers is here to help you slay the BIGGEST struggles of being an entrepreneur – overwhelm; lack of clarity; lack of accountability; procrastination; fear and a lack of resources.

Presenting biweekly virtual group live coaching, Q&A, sales training, and confidence building right from the comfort of your home with a group of peers to learn from and a coach to guide you.

From cutting edge sales training and techniques for overcoming limiting beliefs and mastering an empowered mindset to visibility challenges, so you can practice ‘showing up’ on social media & live networking events to develop your confidence & skills.

Each session we’ll laser in EXACTLY where you need it

-Strategy and sales; offerings and contracts; messaging and money…

Each month you’ll be working (Read: slaying) your goals as you’ll be taking aligned action every day with authentic focus and direction.

Want to know more?  Hop on over to the detailed landing page and read all about it.

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