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There are so many ways to get more business today, it can be very overwhelming so I decided to take it back to 6 basic steps.  Not talking about Facebook, Instagram, Websites, Linked In or any of that noise we all participate in, in some capacity.  Today, I’m taking it back to basics.  Good simple reminders that without, it won’t matter what you do, business just won’t grow. This is about your personally.

The 6 Basic Steps to get more business:

  1. Be really good at what you do:  That is absolutely #1 – research what people complain about with people in your industry and don’t do those things!!  Hone your skill always.  Don’t be caught behind your industry by being outdated.
  2. Put your ego aside:  If repeat business is just not coming your way, ask past clients how they feel you can improve.  This is a scary one but this type of feedback really provides you with the most actionable improvement path.  Listen to the feedback, process it, improve and move forward.  
  3. Continue your education:  Always strive for steady learning in your craft and your business.  Take a class, try something new, read 30 min a day, listen to an educational podcast, webinar, vodcast etc.  Go to continuing education events, retreats, hire a coach to teach you.
  4. Be generous in spirit:  Share what you learn, what industry events you participate in and pass the information along to others – people don’t hire you for information, they hire you for implementation.  This is a tough concept for many.
  5. Be likable:  Smile, live a full life, have fun, be interesting, caring and a great listener.  Share, but don’t brag, rise to the top but don’t be blatantly self-promotional – talk less & listen more.   Have fun and meet new people. Having things to talk about will raise your vibration and energy and makes you more interesting and relatable to more people.  Have a passion?  Been through a struggle?  Share it with others!
  6. Have a Growth Mindset:  Happier people often make growing, changing, learning, giving and kindness a priority.  Be ok with change, open to trying new things, and thinking outside the box.

Get growing and sustaining a profitable business 

A business has a lot of moving parts and it’s hard work.  Taking steady intentional action is the key and it all starts with you.  If you’re growing a Business and need a boost sign up for a discounted one time business booster call.

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