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As I discussed in my private Facebook group, Interior Design Business Forum, it takes a lot of strong characteristics to be a profitable entrepreneur!  So, be proud you are an entrepreneur!

But, let me ask you, are you profitable? 

You may not be profitable yet and that’s ok, as long as you are taking action to get yourself there. Some people think it’s just talent and knowledge that makes someone shine and make money, but it takes so much more than that to take your business from being a “side gig” or “hobby” to actually making a living and being profitable!

It’s not for everyone, but it’s for you and that is why you are here.  Learning, growing, and working hard to make a living.  Right?

What stage of business are you in?  Is it a side gig, a hobby, or a growing profitable business that is making you money and giving you choices in life?

I like working with Action Takers, don’t you?  No matter what business you are in, it’s always easier to work with action takers!!  Decision makers!  Not just dreamers and talkers.

So, ask yourself the following questions:Actionable entrepreneur tips to grow and be a profitable entrepreneur as discussed in my private Facebook group. #ActionableEntrepreneurs #BusinessCoachNancy #businesscoachforinteriordesigners #interiordesignbusiness #interiordesignbusinessblog #interiordesignbusinesscoach #interiordesignerbusinesscoach #businesscoachinteriordesign #interiordesignerbusinessblog

  • Have you created a marketing plan with a goal in mind and do you take action consistently?
  • Do you inject a bit of risk taking, tenacity, and passion into everything you do?
  • Can you fight through the fear, allow yourself to be vulnerable, and invest time and money into growing your business, learning to sell, and communicating effectively?

Think about these questions. Where do you stand? Maybe it’s fear of success or maybe you are just content where you are. If it’s the latter, then good for you!  I wish I was there.  Unfortunately, or fortunately (depends how you look at it) my drive and my goal is to help thousands of entrepreneurs grow their businesses, make more money, and have more choices in life.

What drives you?

Overwhelmed growing your business and need help? You don’t have to figure it out all alone anymore. Sign up for an introductory business strategy call and I’ll help you make decisions on the next steps for you and your business. 

Hop into my private FB group the Interior Design Business Forum to get my daily inspiration, lessons, thoughts of the day, and let the community help you become an actionable entrepreneur!!


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