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Seven Degrees Of Separation Or Less

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Seven Degrees Of Separation Or Less
How often do you reach out to your immediate network when you need something?
Last month, someone from High School reached out to me on Facebook knowing that I’ve been in the Interior Design world asking if I knew an Interior Designer who could complete their design project by Christmas.
Knowing that this was going to be a challenge for a designer, I happily referred someone who I knew would do a great job in a tight time frame and was local to this friend.
That got me thinking!  I need an electrician to do some work on my home and I went to High School with this girl’s hubby, so I reached back out to her.
He came to the house the other day, we had no communication issues, he was kind and fair and giving of his time. Listened to all my concerns and electrical issues gave great advice and will do the work that we, together, deemed was necessary.
What a comforting feeling knowing that this person from my past had my best interest in mind and would charge me fairly.  This reciprocal referring and reaching out to those on your Facebook friends list really works!
Facebook is all about relationships, the enjoyment, the learning, and the network of people.  There is usually someone there, somehow related to you, with less than seven degrees of separation that can help you with whatever you need.  
Is it advice, services, product, referral?  What do you need?
Learn from me…..look to your network first if you are in need. I’m sure there is someone there that will do you a solid and above all else, you should always pay-it-forward!
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