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I’m feeling a little overwhelmed this morning having to do with things out of my control, so I’ll apologize in advance.  I have so many balls up in the air that sometimes it can feel like I’m juggling. When one ball falls, I lose my rhythm.

Do you ever feel like that?

I just took my deep breaths this morning, wrote in my journal, and put my head back on my shoulders.
Now I’m drinking my coffee and I feel I can write to you, which I haven’t done all week. It’s been a busy one!
Before I did my morning self-care ritual, I have to say, I was a bit agitated.
I’ve missed a couple of self-imposed deadlines and it looks like I might miss some more. This makes me anxious in a way I’m sure you can understand.
When I have expectations of work getting done, it can feel like a mini-disaster when a deadline or a project falls through. But I have to remind myself – this is not life or death!

Don't lose your rythym in life or your business.


It’s important to stay centered – I work on that each and every day.

Once I lose my temper or start to beat myself up, productivity often stops. This is the exact opposite of what often solves a problem like a missed deadline or a project error.
So in weeks like this, I try to rise to every occasion and PROBLEM SOLVE – I feel like superwoman ripping off my glasses and blouse and flying above the skyscrapers to zoom to the rescue in my cape and suit. LOL.
Shit happens.
People have lives and MY priorities are not always theirs and I just have to adjust and go with the flow.  What choice do any of us have with that?   Sometimes I over commit and get overzealous when creating deadlines because I’m excited!  At least I have a bit of self-awareness!
I always work on letting go when things don’t progress as planned by realizing that most deadlines I set can be shifted slightly without any real impact or negative outcome.

Perspective and flexibility make for a happier life.

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